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Julie Zuckerberg Knows The Recipe For Success

Success is the byproduct of hard work, and those that truly succeed normally also realize that taking care of your body is equally as important, and in some cases more important than most everything else you do so that your body will be a vehicle to help you continue thriving. Julie Zuckerberg started her career at Hudson, a professional recruiting firm in New York City. A graduate of City University of New York, Ms. Zuckerberg studied philosophy prior to taking her degree and passion to working in the recruitment of paralegals and other legal support staff during her time with Hudson.


After all the experience Ms. Zuckerberg had at Hudson, she was able to join Citibank Global Consumer Bank. All of the experience she had in dealing with the legal framework of employee-employer relations and associated compliance issues, she was able to help Citibank in a consultative way, advising on recruitment strategies and architecting compensation packages. From the time she joined Hudson, right through her time at Citibank, Ms. Zuckerberg has remained perfectly committed to physical fitness as a means to keeping herself in top condition so as to be able to continue succeeding in the workplace.


These two factors are very connected, and those that have experienced an appreciable amount of success know that they go hand-in-hand. She is committed to working out, taking care of herself, and in cooking healthy meals so as to provide proper nourishment for her body, helping her to get through her days. It is crucially important to take care of one’s body in order to achieve maximum performance on a daily basis. Ms. Zuckerberg does indicate that, when it comes to cooking, it is through trial-and-error that she is able to eventually find things that she likes. She experiments with various healthful ingredients until she achieves results she finds enjoyable. She approaches her workouts in much the same way, using interval training to provide change, keep things interesting and continue to get results.


Much of the success that Julie Zuckerberg has is due to her commitment to do everything with commitment while keeping an eye on achieving the results that she wants. During her time with Citibank, she has worked on several complex employment issues, such as expatriate contracts, international relocations, and equity buyouts as offered as a fundamental part of talent acquisition. She has truly become a go-to person for Citibank when it comes to finding talent around the globe, and many facets of this process have been squarely under her guidance and control.


Recently Ms. Zuckerberg has been moved to a path of advancing to become an executive recruiter for Citibank. Just fifteen years after graduating from college, she is well on her way to holding titles that some people never see the likes of. She has indeed achieved great success through commitment and drive to obtain results through hard work. Money and success, it has long been said, are simply the byproducts of hard work, and that the harder one works, the luckier and more successful they get. Ms. Zuckerberg epitomizes that statement.



Nick Vertucci Journey to Real Estate industry Investment

Nick Vertucci came from a humble background, though he had a loving and supportive family, they were not excessively well off. In fact, his father dying at the age of ten made things worse off as his mother was the only one left to support him and his siblings. Struggling to make ends meet, his mother used to work until late hours. Vertucci hit low at the age of 18 when he started living in his van. However, things did not remain the same, and a few years later, Vertucci started selling computer parts at http://nvrealestateacademy.com/about/.

Nick Vertucci sold computer parts through a business that he had started. He enjoyed the fact that he was his boss and the freedom that he got from this venture. Things were going well for him so much such that he got married and had three beautiful daughters. It took him by surprise when all his finances crushed in 2000, during the dot-com crash era. Since he had not invested in his future, he took this crash with a blow. For almost one and a half years he had no income and found himself getting into debt so that he can survive. During this time, he lost everything apart from his home.

When everything seemed to be going hard for him, he was invited by his friend to a real estate training seminar that was taking three days on fortunesinflippingevent.com. Though he did not feel that getting into this venture and using up his weekend, he changed his mind when his friend assured him that there was much he could learn. Now, Vertucci claims that going into the workshop was the best decision that he has ever made.

When he was at the seminar, he listened to what the speaker said, though he did not understand most of it, the one thing that he was sure about was he had found the answer that would help him get out of his financial hole. Nick Vertucci was inspired to learn as much as he could about the real estate business on highya.com. It was for this reason he continued to train, study and absorb as much as he could on this matter. Learning the real estate business was not easy and it, in fact, took him over ten years to get the knowledge and information that he would require so as to be successful.

Nick Vertucci eventually came up with a system that allowed him to be able to make money in the real estate business that is simple and straightforward. The system worked for him, and he decided to teach other people so that they could also come out of debt. The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc., is a firm that offers a solution to the challenges one might face when doing real estate business. Vertucci has also opened an academy that is the flagship of resources ranging from education to productive investment, teaching a system that helps real estate agents change their financial goals.

The Feminist Dating App

     Whitney Wolfe is a young entrepreneur that has seen a lot of success. Whitney was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but moved to Paris with her family when she was 11 years old. After spending several years in Paris, she returned to Utah to finish high school and prepare for college. She studied International Relations in Dallas, Texas at SMU.

Whitney Wolfe began her entrepreneurial adventures in college. First she started the “Help Us Project” with Patrick Aufdenkam. The “Help Us Project” makes organic bamboo bags and all the profits are donated to the Ocean Futures Society. While in college she also co-founded a clothing line called Tender Heart. The goal of this clothing company is to raise awareness of human trafficking and fair trade clothing.

In 2012, Whitney co-founded and ran marketing for the wildly popular dating app Tinder. She worked for Tinder for 2 years. After leaving she co-founded another dating app known as Bumble. Bumble requires the women to make initial contact, meaning that the women has to start the conversation in the app. The app is gaining popularity and had over 13 million users.

Whitney Wolfe isn’t shy to admit that the company is definitely feminist. In the past it was always up to the man to make the first moves while the girl was expected to sit prim and proper. If the girl denied the man then he felt rejected and embarrassed and no one likes the feeling. Whitney wanted to create a space where women could be on the same playing field as the man. Women can take initiative and make the first move if they are interested in someone. Whitney Wolfe says that Bumble isn’t just another dating app, but rather that it’s a movement, claiming that it could change the way women and men treat each other.

For more, see http://www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/.

Karl Heideck Blogs About Legal Issues Happening In Philadelphia

Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck Blogs About Legal Issues

Karl Heideck Blogs About Legal Issues

Wells Fargo and Co. has been in the public eye for all the wrong reasons. The scandals started in 2016 when the bankers were accused of opening bogus accounts for its clients. In May of 2015, a lawsuit was filed claiming that the bank had violated the 1969 fair housing act by using lending practices that were predatory. The unfair lending practices were only aimed at the minority the blacks and Hispanics mortgage borrowers. According to the allegations, these minorities were considered to be riskier loan borrower and were given a high-interest rate without being credit qualified. Though the city has done the investigation for a year and carried out statistics from the bank’s record of ten years, Wells Fargo Bank claims that the allegations were not real.

The city is also accusing the bank of the blight found in the neighborhoods where the minority live. According to the accusation, this was due to the high rate of foreclosure that was brought about when the borrowers failed to finance their loans due to the high rate. Due to this, the City is asking for monetary damages, and the bank should get a ruling so that it can stop using the discriminatory practices when it comes to lending.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck, in 20003, graduated from Swarthmore College. He further pursued his studies at the James E. Beasley School of Law where he was awarded Juris Doctor in the year 2009. His career is focused on legal issues, mainly, for those in the city of Philadelphia. Karl’s primary focus is in Civil Litigation, risk management, and compliance. He has worked as a project attorney for the Pepper Hamilton LLP and has also been as an associate in Conrad O’Brien.

Karl Heideck having over ten years of experience in law, offers different types of services that range from risk management advice, compliance consulting, tenacious representational corporate law, commercial litigation, and the proceedings of employment. Karl is also a writer and most of his articles and blogs focuses on contemporary legal developments.