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Who exactly is Jeff Yastine?

     Jeff Yastine has worked as an Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing from 2015. Before Banyan Hill, he worked as a financial journalist and an investor in the stock market. With the experience he has in the financial world, spanning over twenty years, he took up a role as the editor of Total Wealth Insider. On this platform, Jeff engages his readers and helps potential investors understand the business world, take cognizance of the trends in the market and investments that would guarantee the highest profits.

Besides Total Wealth Insider, Jeff also writes weekly articles that appear in Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily, both publications of Banyan Hill. His insights in these articles are valuable to those seeking to understand the opportunities and threats in the market before concluding on a particular investment.

Jeff is a former correspondent at PBS Nightly Business Report, a position he held until 2010. In 2007, he bagged an Emmy Award nomination as an anchor for an investigation on the lousy state of infrastructure in the U.S. while on this job, he got the opportunity to meet and interact with prominent and successful entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffett among others. By interviewing many these investment gurus, Jeff learned the secrets to successful investing. As a reporter, Jeff discovered many investment prospects in the stock market and also influenced significant corporation turnarounds. His reporting also covered big stories like the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the 1999 handing over of the Panama Canal. After the 2005 Hurricane Katrina, Jeff did a piece on the financial impacts of the calamity. In the mid-2000s, Jeff warned investors of the impending crisis in the real estate industry. He also reported on the unsustainability of the rise in the late 1990s dot-com bubble, and with this helped many investors. Jeff Yastine has also been to Cuba twice, reporting on the impact of foreign investors on Cuba’s economy. In 2002, he was among journalists who won an award for a report they did on the bond market for NBR.

Recent articles featured in the Total Wealth Insider address several issues in the financial world. For instance, A piece titled, The Dangers of Investing in Value Traps, warns potential investors about only looking for value in individual stocks. Such articles offer the much-needed advice to investors so that they get value for their money in the end. The journal has also featured articles that provide information on cybersecurity, which is a significant threat to businesses today.

Gregory Aziz’s Efforts To Revive National Steel Car Bears Fruits

Gregory J Aziz is the chairman and chief executive officer of the National steel car. National Steel car is a Canadian engineering and manufacturing corporation that deals with the manufacture of tank cars and railroad freight cars. It is the biggest manufacturer in the North America region. The company not only manufactures. The process involves three crucial stages of product development. They design, engineer and manufacture the products. National steel car has been operational for more than one hundred years. It was started in 1912. The first investors in the corporation were, Sir John Morison and Basil Magor of Magor Car Corporation. The corporation was under the National Industries Inc.



National steel car was very successful in the first few years of operations. NSC was formed at a time when the business was booming with orders from all over. Big railways corporations were in the process of setting up their systems and demand for products was high. National Steel Car got huge orders from Canadian Pacific Railways and Canadian Northern Railways. These orders made the corporation start on a high and never faced the challenges of startup businesses. In 1919, the corporation was privatized and changed the name to National Steel Car Corporation Limited.



The good performance of National Steel Car would continue through the first two decades with no glitch. Challenges would be met in the 1930s. There was huge economic depression which affected business in the manufacturing sector. National Steel Car had not diversified its operations and was found off guard by the economic crisis. The corporation had concentrated on one line of business, and that meant, when the orders are down, the company would be faced with the challenge of sustainable operations. Faced with a shortage of orders, the company had to find alternative means of staying in the game. They came up with a decision to manufacture motor boards and bus bodies. Refer to This Web Page for More Info.



Greg Aziz


In 1994, the corporation was facing a risk of closing down due to a shortage of orders. The company needed an urgent change of leadership. Greg J Aziz then, working in the investment banking sector bought the company with the aim of transforming its operations and once more making it the best corporation in the region. He bought National Steel Car from Dofasco.


Gregory J Aziz pumped money into the corporation. He changed the production systems of the corporation, and within a few years, National Steel Car was booming with activities. The production rate had gone up and was doing more than twelve thousand annually all the way down from 3500 when he took over.

Source: https://www.steelcar.com/

Philanthropist, Banker and Food Expert-Greg Aziz


He did not begin his career in the car industry, instead of after his graduation from Ridley College as well as University of Western Ontario for his Degree in Economic. After his graduation, Gregory James Aziz joined a family food business, Affiliated Foods where he served for an extended period. After his career in the food business, Greg went to serve in the financial and banking industry between late 80’s and early 90’s. Mr. Greg was determined to achieve in his life and during his tenure in the family business he took the organization to higher heights, and the company expanded to distribute their services as well as products to Eastern Canada and the United States of America.


Gregory J. Aziz was born in London, and in the 1990’s he moved to the United States of America to look for a job in the banking and the financial industry. While working in the banking sector, he was given a responsibility of serving in the development and the strategy department. While still working in the industry, Greg got an opportunity to purchase a car industry known as Dofasco, and when he took over the management of the organization, he changed the name of the car firm to National Steel Car. A go-getter in nature and a lover of cars and freight, Greg Aziz altered the face of the car company in a new way. A firm which only hired about 600 staff members would end up recruiting over 3000 members. The manufacturing of the group also increased, and Greg was able to raise the number of cars that were being manufactured per year. Previously the National Steel was manufacturing about 3500 vehicles but after he took over the management they were now manufacturing about 120000 cars. Go To Their Page Here.


James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer of the freight company which has turned into a leader in car manufacture and engineering in the United States of America. Aziz values his clients and has been working towards ensuring that he meets and even exceeds their demand in the car market. He does not attribute the success of the car group to himself or even his interest instead he prides the victory and the achievement of the firm to dedicated team which has been on the forefront to ensure that the business is on the move with new models as well as the development of the cars. Greg is also a humanitarian who together with his wife Irene have been sponsoring various organizations including; the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair among others.

Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

Traditionally the fashion industry would rate which product is best the price and quality of the product. In recent years this theory has changed. 20% of Amazon’s sales comes from the trend in fitness wear. Amazon allows anyone to log in and purchase their products at their convenience. The Fabletics industry specializes in athletic wear and has made $250 million in profit over the last three years has taken a new approach to selling their products. The Fabletics industry has their clients set up a personal account to maintain their purchases and style trends. This is done to help personalize the latest styles to their customers. This concept to selling the product has worked out well for the company and they are now opening 16 new retail stores throughout the country in the next year.


The Fabletics Athlesiure brand offers a line of stylish athletic wear for women of all ages. The new apparel line offers a unique line of pants. The athletic pants are made for all body shapes and come in sizes XXS to 3XL. The athletic pants are made out of dri core material, allowing optimum airflow to keep you cool while you workout. The pants are designed to give you the optimum workout for yoga, running, cycling, and cardio. The pants are offered in high-waist, capri, leggings, and joggers. The different colors range from a solid black to a two-tone pattern. To help find which style, size, and color would best suit your body type, the company offers a Lifestyle Quiz to help narrow down your search.


The cost of the pants are economically priced for all incomes. You can purchase the pants in select retail stores or purchase through the website. If you purchase the pants through the website, they offer special bargains throughout the year and the shipping cost is minimal for your purchase. When you purchase the pants through the website you can also sign up for your own account. If you purchase the pants in a retail store, the company may put a sale on the product certain times of the year.

Sawyer Howitt’s Imminent Success in the Entrepreneurial Realm

     Sawyer Howitt is one of the few teenagers of the 21st Century who envisage posing an incredible impact in the entrepreneurial world. Born in Portland, Oregon, in 2000, Sawyer Howitt always exhibited the desire and great understanding of the world of business. He is a senior student in his second semester at the University of California, Berkeley, and he has often dedicated his academic efforts in entrepreneurship. He is yet to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Finance.

Sawyer Howitt’s flair for entrepreneurship was elaborated on a website post in July where he delved into the five things that every young entrepreneur needs to know:

  • The essence of taking a bold step and beginning your new business irrespective of how daunting it may seem
  • The indispensable need for hiring the right employees and keeping them happy on the job
  • The excruciating pain that distraction could cause to a young entrepreneur and the need to maintain focus at all times
  • The need to be wary of financial aspects of starting a business
  • The need for having exquisite ‘people skills’ and finding the most felicitous partner

Other than reaching out and giving pieces of inspirational advice to his peers, Sawyer Howitt has directed his seemingly innate dexterity to other corporations such as Meriwether Group where he was employed in 2017 as the Project Manager. He has often exuded aptness and shrewdness in matters that regard connection with consumers, and has always undertaken every aspect of his work (traversing spreadsheets, presentations and filing) diligently.

It is important to note that Sawyer Howitt does not only seek to satisfy himself with his incredible business aspirations. Other than his remarkable interest in entrepreneurship, Sawyer Howitt has also been part of several philanthropic endeavours in America. He has been among the vanguards of women empowerment. He has also been part of an International ethnic study group, and has always envisaged mentoring the youth to pursue their goals, especially those with a hunch for entrepreneurship.

See Advice For Young Entrepreneurs By Sawyer Howitt.

Gregory Aziz: Transforming the World on a Fast Lane

Greg James Aziz is a well-known entrepreneur. He is one of the core pillars in the field of railroad freight car engineering. Mr. James Aziz is the current CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car, a world-class engineering, and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. The company is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Mr. James Aziz was born in London Ontario on April 30, 1949. Since a tender age, Mr. Greg Aziz has always been fascinated with entrepreneurship. This is so much so that he attended the University of Western Ontario to pursue Economics. He later joined their family business where he solely ensured that the company grew to become a global distributor of fresh food.

Mr. James Aziz later worked in the banking sector in New York. This made him a top-notch elite entrepreneur by all means. After spotting a business gap on the National Steel Company, he decided to pursue his dream. He promptly gathered the substantive amount of capital that enabled him to acquire the company. His major intention was to transform the company to a business enigma that he knew it could be at some point. After acquiring the company, the change was drastic. He strategically shifted the focus of the business to a more human investment opportunity. This saw a whopping increase in the sales of the company from a previous manufacturing of 3,500 cars per year to 12,000 cars annually. This was also accompanied by the increase in the human force from 600 employees to nearly 3,000 employees.

National Steel Company being an elite in the engineering and manufacturing company has come with good tidings to the people of North America. The company has achieved several acknowledgments. It was the only company in North America to be honored with the annual TTX SECO for about ten years. Mr. J. Aziz attributes all this success to the people in the company. They always challenge their capabilities to reach greater heights each day so that the company can attain its full potential.


Mr. Greg Aziz has also sacrificed his time and money to assist various humanitarian organizations. He has offered charities to organizations such as United Way, Salvation Army, and Theater Aquarius. This has changed the lives of thousands of people positively. Mr. Aziz is also aware of the plight of his employees and their children in the quest for a better life. He, therefore, has various scholarships to cater for such needs. Read This Page for additional information.

Gregory Aziz: Key Contributor to National Steel Cars Success

Gregory James Aziz currently serves as the chairman, president and CEO of the National Steel Car. The National Steel Car is regarded as the leading and the largest manufacturer of rolling stock and railroad freight car in Canada. They are also regarded as one of the train car manufacturer in the world which has excellent engineering capabilities, as well as an ISO 9001:2008 certification which proves that they are creating high quality products. Headquartered in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, the National Steel Car is being managed by Gregory J Aziz, overseeing all of its operations and making sure that the business keeps on doing quality work.

The National Steel Car was established in the city of Hamilton, Ontario more than 100 years ago. It was founded by several investors who have seen a bright future with the rolling stock manufacturing industry because of the creation of the Trans-Canadian railway. The company experienced its Golden Age during the late 1920s, but the Great Depression during the 1930s almost made the company bankrupt. The National Steel Car managed to bounce back after the Second World War, and they came into the hands of Dofasco in the 1960s. However, the company experienced another downfall as the industry of rolling stock manufacturing faced a crisis during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Dofasco decided to sell the company to Greg Aziz in 1994.

Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur. He was born in the city of London, Ontario, and he has a degree in economics which he received from Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario. Immediately after his graduation from the university, Gregory James Aziz decided to help in their family business, and with his expertise in the field of business, their family business grew to become one of the most important importers of fresh food from Europe and South America. The food that they are importing is being delivered across Canada, with some going as far as the United States. After serving their family business, Gregory James Aziz decided to leave and work within the financial world, making a lot of money. He heard the news that the National Steel Car is being sold by Dofasco, so he contacted them and signed the deal in 1994. The National Steel Car is now in the hands of Gregory James Aziz, and he promised that he will do his best to bring the company back to its pedestal. The leadership of Gregory James Aziz brought changes to the company. The number of employees rose to 3,000 from the original 600, and the annual production of rolling stocks grew from 3,500 to 12,500. Get More Information Here.

More On: https://remote.com/greg-aziz