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Gregory Aziz, CEO with an Innovative Premise

Gregory James Aziz is a dedicated, efficient businessman, having extensive experience in the field of engineering and manufacturing companies. He is the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car, a business located in Hamilton, Ontario with over 100 years of leading in railroad freight and tank car manufacturing. National Steel Car has also collected a number of accolades, being the only North American railcar company certified ISO 9001:2008 and having won the TTX SECO award on an annual basis for over a decade.


Through his work with National Steel Car, James Aziz helped revolutionize the railcar industry, having garnered a strong team of 2,000 employees at his company that continually deliver quality products to big name competitors such as Canpotex. This productivity comes out of a need to continue tradition while pushing towards the future—he believes in a consistent focus on quality, an aspiration that has stayed consistent during the company’s lifetime and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Part of National Steel Car’s success is due to their efficiency in growth, exemplified by their annual manufacturing capacity rising from 3,500 cars per year in 1994 to 12,000 cars by 1999. That number has continued growing since and makes sense for a company whose production facility is currently known as the most substantial single site railcar plant in North America.


Gregory J Aziz’s interest in furthering the interests of the USA doesn’t stop with advancing the industry in which he works: he believes in the importance of community and frequently gives back to the society that has been so supportive of National Steel Car’s ability to thrive. The importance of community is a unifying factor in his persistence on hiring many individuals from southern Ontario and donating to various charities and organizations, including Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, Salvation Army, and many other local charities. These connections help get across National Steel Car’s interest in not only giving back to the community but involving the community in its endeavors, creating stronger links that combine the importance of enterprise with the longevity of communal development. Read This Page to learn more.


Though it was just started a little over a 100 years ago in June 1912, National Steel Car has built up a strong reputation and today exists as North America’s leading car manufacturer. Through the leadership of James Aziz, the company continues to push the envelope of what a manufacturing company should be, maintaining a utilitarian efficiency while pushing for consistently new ground.

National Steel Car Management Under Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is a company that has been in operations for a very long time. Started in 1912 and have maintained its operations in the engineering and manufacturing sector since then. The company have been doing very well and have been in the business as a leading company.National Steel Car has made the industry great through the growth that it has brought in the engineering and manufacturing sector. This is among the oldest companies in the country. National Steel Car has been in operation for over a hundred years and no time did it shut down its operations. It has remained resilient to the challenges that are being witnessed in the industry.



National Steel Car has been under various management teams since it was started. It was founded under the management of Basir Magor and Sir Morison. Then it was a corporation owned by the government. In 1919, it changed its management and was privatized. Under the private management, the company continued to do very well. In 1962, it was bought by a management known as Dofasco. The managed it until 1994 when it was bought by James Aziz. This is the man who has been at the helm as the company makes great strides in the industry. He has been with the company for the last two decades and the improvements have been great.


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Gregory Aziz bought the company at a time when he knew the company was not doing very well. However, an investor, he knew that there were opportunities available in the sector that would make the economy great again. He explored all the means available and bought the company from Dofasco. He then came up with a plan that was to be implemented in the management of the company. In a few years if his management, the progress was remarkable, the company have been doing great than ever before, he has managed to make the company improve its production capacity to over 12000 cars in a year. This was a significant increase given that he had found the company doing 3500 in a year. He also worked on the expansion of the company. The number of workers who have been employed in the company improved from 600 to over 2000. National Steel Car has also been ISO certified and has won the TTX SECO wards multiple times.



About Gregory Aziz



Gregory Aziz has been the leading business executive in the country. He was born in 1949. Gregory James Aziz holds a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario.


Visit: https://www.behance.net/greg-aziz

As Bradesco Begins The Murky Process Of Selecting A New President, Investors Will Be Thrilled to Know That Luiz Carlos Trabuco Will Guide The Bank Through It As Its New Chairman

In the last few years, the Bradesco brand has become synonymous with the Brazilian economy. Just like the economy, the Brazilian bank has shown great resilience to wade through tough conditions and come out on top. Currently, the bank is faced with another murky situation that it will have to navigate through with great caution: a succession process.

The position of president at the bank has recently become available following the appointment of the current president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco to the position of bank chairman. The previous chairman, Lazaro Brandao indicated in early October that he would be leaving the bank after seven decades of service to allow younger and fresher leaders to filter through.

The retiring Lazaro Brandao has had quite a successful career at Bradesco. In fact, his professional career as a banker is just as old as that of Bradesco. He joined the bank in 1943, the same year that it was formed to work as a clerk. Four decades later, he had already ascended to the position of president, having become the founder, Amador Aguiar’s closest ally. In 1990, his legacy was permanently tied to the bank after he was named its second-ever chairman. He held this location until six weeks ago when he decided to resign at the ripe age of 91. While his resignation was not exactly planned, the bank was at least prepared for it. In addition to being bank president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco had been serving as Brandao’s deputy on the board for the last three years. As such, Trabuco has been getting first-hand training on how to act as a chairman from the veteran banker himself.

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To ensure the continued profitability and growth of the Bradesco brand, the bank will have to select a competent leader to replace him. That said, while the position of president has become available it is by no means vacant. Current president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will continue serving in the position till the board votes on who his replacement will be. This will ensure that the bank continues to run as normally as possible, and with Trabuco having the president for the last nine years it will likely not be too much of a hassle holding two senior positions at the same time. The board is set to vote on the issue who the next president will be in March 2018.

While the race to become the next Bradesco president is largely considered open, there are those who are primarily seen as the favorites. As with previous succession cycles, the next president is expected to be an employee currently working at Bradesco. Consequently, the senior executives are seen as having the greatest chance of ascending to the powerful position. In particular, four of the bank’s vice presidents are seen by industry observers as being the most presidential: Alexandre Gluher, Josue Pancini, Mauricio Minas and Octavio Lazari. In addition to having been at the bank for more than two decades, each of these four vice presidents has played an instrumental role in helping Luiz Carlos Trabuco grow the bank over the course of his nine-year tenure.

While the incoming president will understandably be faced with a plethora of challenges, he will also be operating in an economic climate full of lucrative opportunities. For the first time in a while, the Brazilian is healthily growing, and the financial sector has accordingly rebounded. This coupled with the foundation laid by Luiz Carlos Trabuco means that the incoming president is a lot better to succeed than when Trabuco was appointed to the position nine years ago.

Visit Reuters.com for more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Osteo Relief Institute- Offering Pain Reprieve Answer

Arthritis refers to joint diseases, and it mostly affects the old. The disorders have been around for centuries, and there are more than one hundred types of arthritis. Additionally, in U.S alone approximately 50 million adults get the diseases with women being the majority. Osteoarthritis one of the most prevalent kind of arthritis and its main symptoms is degeneration of the joints cartilages mostly affecting the soft tissues found between the bones.


According to Dr. Matthew CiRullo who is a family medicine, the joints cartilages tears up and causes rubbing of bones against each other causing stiffness, swelling, and pain. Eventually, the joints lose its significant strength, and the pain becomes chronic. While osteoarthritis has no cure, it has various ways of management options to give an individual quality life and free from joints pain. The significant factors that cause osteoarthritis include family history, excess weight, previous injury, and age. And since it’s not curable patients are advised to commit to self-management treatment to prevent pain and decrease deterioration speed.


The Osteo Relief Institute operates in New Jersey, an independently owned company that has a team of highly qualified and certified staff who strive to offer the best communication and patient care. Osteo Relief Institute significant achievement is of highly advanced latest high tech types of equipment which gives the edge treatment to their patients.


Osteo Relief Institute provides relief solutions to long-lasting pains with FDA approved and cleared technology, which means their patients won’t lack the necessary solution to end their discomfort (YouTube). The company has a goal of offering the best pain solutions that make their patients shun surgery.


Osteo Relief Institute has multidisciplinary locations all over America with certified physical therapists and physicians that treat a patient with special care and as a family member. Their products are designed to give the patient an active life free from pain.


Osteo Relief Institute staff mandate is to explain to the client in simple English the kind of treatment they will receive and ways of making health and educated future decisions. Osteo Relief Institute offers pain relief solutions to those suffering from locking and catching joints, pain in the spine, pain when using stairs, etc.

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Glen Wakeman: Passionate Strategist

Snappy Answers was a service that sold pre-recorded answering machine messages. They were funny and fresh, but the idea lacked a proper framework, and the company met its inevitable demise. Glen Wakeman, a pioneer of the said company, is not and never has been a quitter. He possesses a sense of curiosity that forces him to see things through (Crunchbase). This quality gets him through problem-solving and innovation phases, leading him right to customer satisfaction. He is often nagged by the need to understand things in a bid to figure out how to make them better.

Growth Leader

Glen Wakeman holds a bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Scranton. In 1993, he graduated with an MBA in Finance from University of Chicago. Before embarking on an entrepreneurship journey, Glen worked at GE Capital. During his two-decade-long career, Glen has gained recognition for his uncanny ability to lead companies to growth and success. He has developed a five-step performance methodology focusing on risk management, human capital, leadership, and execution. These five steps are tried, tested and proven to be useful. Mr. Wakeman has led operation in more than 30 regions of the world. He has a good idea of how a company should run under different political and economic climates.

Finally Got It Right

Nova Four, by Glen Wakeman, gives strategic advice and access to capital for developing companies. Again in 2015, Glen started LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This company helped businesses in the initial and most crucial steps of starting a company. He mingles with many entrepreneurs, and he has noticed that start-ups rarely ever survive the first year. Upon investigation, he realized that these companies failed because they did not have a plan. Glen Wakeman insists that the idea in itself is not a plan. According to the business magnate, a plan should be in place for proper execution of the idea (https://www.slideshare.net/GlenWakeman). It is from this that LaunchPad was born. The company provides software to make the plan-forming stage easier. Glen is an avid fan of the use of machine learning to solve problems in the business environment.

Dr.Mark Holterman is working to change the lives of children

A professor at the University of Illinois School of Medicine, specializing in pediatric surgery as well as general surgery, Dr.Mark Holterman is a man working on a great cause to shed light on the growing epidemic of diabetes in children and young adults. Earning his BA in biology while attending Yale, only to later pursue and acquire his Ph.D. in the University of Virginia, this Illinois based professional is conducting his research in cancer treatments as well as stem cell therapy. A member of the ADA or the American Diabetes Association, he is committed to finding a cure for type 2 diabetes in young children.


As a CEO of Mariam Global Health, his work on medical advancements goes above and beyond while creating a business management firm focusing on science and medical health advancements to help improve quality care while seeking “impact innovators”. It is a term used to describe a business and medicinal scientific hybrid to create a lasting impact on healthcare.


His hard work has shown, earning him awards such as America’s Top Doctors award, and Patient’s Choice award along with others. Dr. Mark Holterman has recently teamed up with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, making efforts to raise awareness on diabetes and helping children to know the importance of engaging in physical activities and making better food choices in order to stay fit and decrease the chances of possible health issues. The program is for children ages 8 to 16, taking place in schools, camps, churches, and parks to educate and inform the children on diabetes care, in hopes that awareness is a strong tool in helping prevent the chronic illness.


Providing a selfless need to help others, Dr. Mark Holterman also participates in helping such charities as the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the children of Vietnam, which helps children and medical professionals perform better with the properly provided training and tools for the best quality medical care for young patients across the country (GazetteDay). He is an exceptional man with a plan to give kids the fighting chance of defeating illness and helping them strive towards a promising future practicing good health habits.

More about Dr. Mark Holterman at https://ideamensch.com/mark-holterman/

Stream Energy: How to Significantly reduce your energy bill

In life, it is very common for people, especially those who are living in urban centers to be slapped with huge electricity bills that leave them with a dropped jaw. These bills sometimes come too high than what the customer was expecting at the end of the month. When this is happening, the homeowner will ask questions, wondering why the bill has escalated and if there is anything they can do to save some money in the next month. If you have received a huge bill, then you will be careful to take measures to reduce it in the future. This predicament has affected many individuals in the society. However, you do not have to worry about your energy bill anymore (https://hitechchronicle.com/2017/11/stream-energy-texas/). A company known as Stream Energy has all the answers you have been looking for. The company has several experts who have all the expertise needed to guide you when it comes to matters of energy saving. The company believes that there are some hidden costs that all homeowners should be aware if they want to save some money at the end of the month.

There are so many household gadgets that are used in every home. According to the professionals working at Stream Energy, these electrical gadgets play a fundamental role in your escalated bill at the end of the day. These are the energy vampires that are giving you sleepless night every day. The cost of living has gone very high in the modern times. People are now looking for any opportunity to save even a single dollar so they can live a normal life. Experts at Stream Energy have observed that the applications you are using in your home consume some little power when they are not in use. Although the power consumed might seem insignificant at the end of a single day, the cost will pile up as the days go by, and at the end of the year, you will have lost a huge amount. When you are not using your computer and printer, it is crucial to unplug from the power supply so that the power bill doesn’t continue to increase. This is the only way to be assured of saving some cash at the end of the day.

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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences: Robert Thikoll

Automation has resolved being able to go from 24 samples to 48 samples. A robotic guide helps scientists in the laboratory. Thikoll is Vice President of Global Manufacturing Operations for Beckman Coulter, Inc., a medical diagnostic equipment maker, part also of Danaher Corporation. Thikoll has a Bachelor’s degree in political science, and government, as well as Japanese and Asian studies from Arizona State University in 1990. He has also studied at Nanzan University, in Nagoya-shi, in Aichi, Japan. Robert Thikoll is also Vice President and General Manager of Thomson Industries, Inc.

Thikoll has worked on electric actuators as well which is driven by electronic controls. Thikoll’s article states that new applications have cutting-edge features that improve performance, ergonomics, safety and cost. Beckman Coulter deals in clinical centrifuges and other medical equipment for laboratories. It provides centrifuge systems as well as immuno assay systems and more. Robert Thikoll has designed electrical actuators in off-highway vehicles with users in mind. Electrical actuators are used to operate large valves, in waste water treatment plants, power plants and refineries. Electrical actuators are used to open and close valves. Adding joy stick inputs to electrical actuators allow more detailed motion abilities. Thikoll has invented a way to save money and space by using the electrical actuator.

Jorge Moll: the Cardiologist and Investor behind the Star Cup Hospital and Rede D Or São Luiz

Jorge Moll has made a massive contribution to Brazil’s business world, particularly in the healthcare entrepreneurship sector. He is the founder and owner of Rede D Or São Luiz, Brazil’s leading hospital group. Some of his hospitals are based in Rio de Janeiro and others in São Paulo with the most popular of them being Sirio-Libanês, the Star Cup, and Albert Einstein. As part of his management job in his hospitals, Jorge Moll also works as a cardiologist.



The Star Cup



The Star Cup is based in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, along the Figueiredo Magalhães Street. The hospital is a sensation on its own, particularly due to the 5-star hotel experience it accords patients (LinkedIn). The hospital is part of Jorge Moll’s transformative agenda, with his business moves and investment options aimed at revolutionizing the hospital experience that Brazilian and indeed patients from across the globe are accustomed to.


The design and architectural touch that was employed at the Star Cup was precedent setting. To begin with, the hospital is located just a stone-throw away from the Copacabana beach, giving the patients a beautiful scenery to watch. This aids in accelerating the rehabilitation and recuperation process. Inside the hospital halls, there are beautiful collection of the masterpieces of art by Yutaka, Japanese painter- such exquisite décor is rare to find in a hospital premise. Jorge Moll also ensured that patients and staff at the hospital are accorded the privacy that they deserve by setting up an annexed area within the premise, through which people seeking privacy can pass through. Over and above that, the hospital sits on an area estimated to be not less than 21000 m2.



Medical Professionals



As a medical practitioner, Jorge Moll understands that it takes more than just infrastructure to satisfy patients. He has put in place some of the most sophisticated technology of today as well as modern medical equipment to ensure that patients get the right diagnosis and treatment. Regarding personnel, the Star Cup has more than 100 doctors with a wide range of specialties; cardiology and neurology are among the areas the hospital has emphasized on. Besides the doctors, the Star Cup has more than 500 other professionals.

More at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jorge_Moll2

Forex Trade tips to learn from AvaTrade Review

Every individual with a passion towards improving their living standards through investment must ensure that they employ all the essential and practical strategies to succeed. When it comes to the field of finance, a significant number of people fail to choose the right choice for their investment partner as well as strategy. In forex trading, follow-up of the proper approaches helps to ensure that a trader is on the right track and does not lose their money through following the wrong guidelines. Traders that use the right software to guide them on forex trading high fall chances of making huge profits and ripping out big from their investments.

Forex trade investors like AvaTrade have taken the lead in the market to offer insight and guidance to all interested forex traders. The online trading platform works by first analyzing the forex market and evaluating the possible results of a particular move and later giving instructions or rather information to their clients on what to do to ensure that they successfully attain their targets. The platform will help a trader to choose options that have lower risks and high rewards and let you be in the know whenever you are interested. The trading platform also plays a significant role when it comes to monitoring the steps and decisions that you make regarding foreign trading. Besides, the platform has great features, like its provision of various options for one to choose depending on the total risks they are willing to take. The options help to ensure that each of their clients needs are covered regardless of the total amount of capital that they have. AvaTrade also provides its clients with a broad range of trading platforms due to the variance of peoples choice for a trading partner.

The trading platform has attracted millions of forex traders and their great services as well as effective instructions have seen them emerge to be the best forex trading brokers. Their broad range of options as well as education that they offer to their clients has played a significant role in maintaining them and helping them generate huge returns from their ventures.