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Oxford Club Advice on Ways to Financial Independence

Oxford Club is a private financial organization with members from different countries all over the world. Oxford Club is based in New York and was initiated in 1989. The organization provides investment research, which is top-related. Oxford Club has been providing members with specific opportunities in high-market returns and ways of achieving and maintaining long-lasting wealth. The firm also gives the members the privilege of sharing and exchanging information through financial tours, seminars, and online exchanges. It offers free education advisories to high research services, is the range of our publications. The top-performing portfolios include Oxford communiqué, consistent & independent, and the flagship newsletter. The club believes that opportunities are not found in the mainstream press. It shares investment opportunities with its members after doing research and pinpointing the opportunities that have significant profit potential and reduced risk.

On the last Oxford Club wealth seminar, the organization focused on how much money an individual should have in stocks upon attaining retirement age. The Oxford Club said that the amount would depend on your age, health, your monthly overhead, and the range of your portfolio. Retirees most of the time have the virtual of having too much money on their stocks. That is because contributing to your investment in a bear market while still young gives you the pretty of buying opportunities. However, when you are out of work and depending on your finances, the portfolio significantly becomes smaller than before.

As a way of avoiding this risk, you need to stop thinking about your stock percentage portfolio and start calculating about how much money you need to fund your monthly overhead at reduced risk. You need to be conservative and set aside enough cash to fund expenses for five years. That is because sometimes the bear market might be brutal and may take a while to recover. But it doesn’t mean that you will not make it if you do not have enough money to cover the five years’ expenses. You have a set of options such as working longer, investing at the high rate of return, set a reserve of three to four years, which is slightly riskier, lowering your living expenses, and saving more.

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Siteline Cabinetry- Your home cabinets companion

Siteline Cabinetry is a brand of cabinetry that is manufactured using the latest technology. The equipment used to manufacture this brand is technologically advanced for the best products. Siteline Cabinetry was started by the Corsi Group. This is one of the pioneering companies in the United States cabinetry industry. Siteline stands out amongst the rest due to its competitive pricing, varieties and an amazing lead time. There numerous preconfigured cabinets that are provided by Siteline. The Corsi Group which is the company that engineered the Siteline Cabinetry was started in 1973, over 40 years ago. Since then it has been creating the best cabinets in the market. Corsi Group has its headquarters in Indiana. However, it has branches in other locations such as Virginia, West Virginia, Elkins. They also have many representatives and dealers all over the United States.

The Siteline Cabinetry is a manifestation of great technical expertise. They take keen attention to the details. The products manufactured by Corsi Group have been verified by the necessary bodies for safety and durability. Corsi Group has also partnered with various other business organizations in the industry such as National Kitchen & Bath Association. There are distinct cabinet brands. Each brand is identified by various factors such as styles, finishes, materials, construction among others.

Corsi Group, the manufacturers of Siteline Cabinetry usually specialize in coming up with original designs that are in inspired by the needs of the clients. They do not have warehouses that they store prefabricated designs. Everything they make has depends on the needs of the moment. Their intention is to offer solutions that match the vision of the company and the client.

Siteline develops cabinetry for all sections of our homes. From bathrooms, kitchens, closets among others. They also have a variety of designs, materials, and finishes that will suit the design needs of the clients. They have to stick with what satisfies the tastes and preferences of the customers. With Siteline, it is always possible to have a customized cabinetry. The products that are developed by Siteline are unique and cannot be found from any other company. Siteline Cabinetry is your best cabinets companion.

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The Benefits Of Obsidian Energy Company To The Community

There are many things in place that Obsidian Energy Company; formerly Penn West Petroleum Company Limited, is doing to have a good and healthy environment for the community. One of the fundamental roles and visions of the obsidian energy firm is to have a positive rapport with the community that is very helpful when it comes to our day to day operations. For this reason, we are focused on ensuring that we do better to the community and have measures in place to help the community in return.


The public relations team is at the forefront of ensuring that our operations do not pose any danger to the neighboring communities. We always see it that our principal activities are environmentally friendly that is the way we have adhered to all the conducts and regulations that are therein stipulated by the relevant authorities concerning preserving and maintaining the environment. All our staff is aware that it is the communities that are the basis of our operations and therefore all of them are informed to have the safety of the community members come first. Also, our team of staff has been trained in the matters of having good relations with the community that is very important.


Obsidian ensure that when it comes to matters of experience, then we get the right team of staff that will see to it that all matters relating to Obsidian Energy and the community are amicably handled at any time. There is a toll-free number that you can call to get help on any issues relating to our operations in your area. The number is always on and whenever you call you will get someone to give you all the assistance that you need. We further look forward to engaging the members of the community for them to have their views and opinions on how to better the working environment for both the company and the community. Read This Page to learn more.


There are future plans also to have campaign awareness that is meant to bring together staff members and the members of the communities together. The future looks bright with Obsidian Energy helping the community members via various programs that are yet to be launched in the near future.


Visit: https://www.obsidianenergy.com/

Obsidian Energy Ltd Operates Under The Principle Of Discipline And Accountability

Obsidian Energy Ltd. is a company that is based in Canada to be specific in Calgary, Alberta. The company deals in the production of oil and natural gas. The company was founded in 1979, and it has David L. French as its Chief Executive Officer, and he also serves as the President of the company. Learn More Here.


Before the change of name to Obsidian, the company was known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd. The CEO notes that the company decided to change its name to Obsidian since the name Obsidian refers to a volcanic glass that occurs naturally. This type of glass is capable of being sharpened, or it can be honed. The change of name was formalized in June of 2017. This company falls under the category of a public company, and it is a medium sized company.


The crude oil production industry was highly affected when oil prices dropped in 2014. As a result, Obsidian Energy had to go through some necessary changes which forced the company to sell some of its assets in the following two years to reduce the debt level. That influenced the company to change its name so that it can be able to accommodate the changes that it has gone through over the years. With all the changes that have been put in place, the CEO of the company is excited and is looking forward to the journey that the company will take under its new name.


As a company, Obsidian Energy operates under the principle of discipline and accountability. The company’s accountability is stretched out from their shareholders to their partners and the whole community at large in which they operate in. They also display passion about the work that they do. A combination of all these plus a lot of dedication led the company to be named among the 60 biggest companies according to the Toronto Stock Exchange.


The company went ahead to earn a revenue of close to $9.5 billion in Jan. 2008. This revenue was the highest to be recorded. The oil and gas fields of the company are found in Alberta in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This region is known to host the largest oil reserves.

Ted Bauman Uses His Internationally Gained Knowledge To Advise Americans

     For some people, traveling and living abroad is a fun thing, adventure as some may say. This is not the fact when it comes to Ted Bauman, he was born in Washington DC bit moved to South Africa where he pursued his university education. He graduated with a postgraduate degree in economics and history from the University of Cape Town. While in South Africa, Ted traveled widely in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

His interactions with people from over 75 countries have given Ted a broader perspective when it comes to money matters and housing as well. During his stay in South Africa, Ted worked in non-profit organizations which specialized in providing affordable houses in the country. Before returning to the USA in 2008, Bauman spent the other 2000s working as a consultant. During this time, he researched and wrote on different issues affecting urban planning, housing, and financial matters. He worked for about 25 years in South Africa. Some of his major clients were the United Nations, European grant-making agencies, and the South African government.

Upon his return to America in 2008, he secured a job serving as the Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. He was based in Atlanta Georgia. This role gave him a chance to travel to the Caribbean and the Latin America regions. While still serving as the director, Ted continued to write and research on matters related to international development. By the year 2013, Ted retired from the director post and started writing and researching full time. It is at the same time that he joined the Banyan Hill publishing. He has been serving as the Editor of Bauman letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B club. He specializes in giving people strategies that will be useful when it comes to investing at a lower risk.

Ted Bauman whom some people know as the son of the former congressman Robert Bauman is much more than an internationally recognized editor; he is also a family man who stays in Atlanta, Georgia with his family. Ted is also a co-author of the book titled ‘Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally)”. In this book co-authored with his father, the Bauman’s address issues treating to tax, debt management and safe investment options that some thought are only reserved for the few billionaires. Ted’s work has been published in many international journals and the South African Press for many years.