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Alexandre Gama: A successful Brazilian Entrepreneur

     Alexandre Gama (born 1958) is an entrepreneur living in Brazil. He works in communications and advertising an industry that he plays the role of being a creative professional operator. He is the founder of Neogama and makes him work as the CEO in the organization. The organization is ranked among top 20 in Brazil advertising agencies.He was recognized as the first person who is a Brazilian to be able to lead in a Global network for agencies acting as the Global chief officer for a British agency network, BBH. He is also the only man from Brazil, who is a Publicis Groupe member which is the Global Creative Board. It has a committee of six people that are creative leaders worldwide which is also a global holding company.Alexandre Gama went to FAAP and received his advertising and communication degree. That is when he started advertisement career in 1982 by working at Ogilvy & Mather, as a copywriter.He later moved to DM9 in 1990 and given a chance to work as a creative director and also a copywriter and worked for four years period. In the period, was the most awarded copywriter during that generation in the country. He also gained more experience working for Almap BBDO agencies where he was still a shareholder and Creative executive director too. He also worked for Young & Rubicam organization as CCO and CEO. He used to be Global Board member in 1996.He left Young & Rubicam so that he could start Neogama in 1999. In 2008, he presented his master class at Cannes Festival as first Latin America in France.He was named board member of ABAP in 2012. In addition to communication and advertisement activities, he has also been involved in the musical industry. He officially founded in 2014 VIOLAB which is a guitar instrumental music that helps to record, YouTube, and radio program channel to promote musicians and Guitar players.