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 José Borghi, established a successful career, at an early age.


José Borghi the founder of the Mullen Lowe marketing firm, in Brazil. The enterprise was formerly known as, Borghi Lowe. The company is acknowledged to be among the most influential and prominent marketing firm, to date, in Brazil. José Borghi is the genius who created the extremely trendy marketing campaign in Brazil, featuring children who dressed up as stuffed animals.

José Borghi’s highly advantageous career in the marketing vacation, started with numerous doubts and several hurdles to have to overcome. During his time in middle school, José felt a sense of doubt, concerning which professional endeavors he might undertake. These doubts, disappeared when José’s sister invited him to attend a screening at the Castro Neves Theater. There, they were showcasing some of the more popular marketing commercials, all of which. had been presented with the honored Lion Award, at Cannes. Viewing the commercials, José was deeply inspired and wanted to obtain a lion shaped award, of his very own. This desire, led José to pursue a career path of advertising, as his vocation.

José labored hard, to successfully study at the esteemed PCU, in Sao Paulo State. After graduating, he found employment at the well respected agency, Standart Ogilvy. José would endeavor to work at several firm in Brazil, including Leo Burnett, DM9/DDB and FCB before deciding to establish his own agency. José found a partner in Erh Ray and together, they founded the marketing agency, BorghiErh, a combination of their names. They had no funding, no banks to assist them, with this pursuit and had to build up their agency, to attract the business they required.

The eventual success of their agency attracted the attention of the Brazilian advertising agency, Lowe. In time, they joined, to become Mullen Lowe, after Lowe merged, with the Mullen Group.

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