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Various Accomplishments Of Gregory Aziz

With Greg Aziz at the helm of National Steel Car, the goals for the company had to increase and the operations of the business had to keep pace.

Today National Steel Car Company can be considered to be moving ahead in development as well as innovations. This is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company of North America. This is the only railroad cargo automaker that has been granted this certification. The organization has strived hard to keep up this standard for over 18 years. Hence, they have been applying for recertification and have managed this standard for so many years. The firm has over 100 years of experience behind it.


The company is known for the excellent quality of items that it produces. It is perceived highly for its expertise in mechanical engineering that is being used in railroad cargo auto producing. Due to these reasons, it has received excellent quality honors like TTX SECO in 1996. Under the excellent leadership skills of James Aziz, National Steel Car has managed to achieve the highest standards of customer service besides providing quality products all the time.


Greg Aziz is responsible for driving the organization to support several causes that are helpful to the Hamilton people. The philanthropy of the company has enhanced the quality of life in this town. This organization perceives and supports cooperation to the organization by organizing a Christmas party for its representatives. This is a gathering for all the representatives of the firm along with their relatives. Even the previous representatives would be welcomed at this gathering.

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Greg Aziz has ensured that National Steel Car Company remains a trusted provider of railroad cargo auto in this locality.


Now he has partnered with the Angelstone Tournaments for the 2014 Season. Angelstone Tournaments has announced that Gregory Aziz, the CEO of National Steel Car, is going to partner with Angelstone Tournaments for this season.

It needs to be noted here that Greg Aziz, along with his wife Irene, as well as his daughters Natalie and Karina, have always supported the equestrian community and this sport. This is why through all these years, they have sponsored several classes. These included the National Steel Car Four Bar Challenge too which was organized at the highly prestigious Royal Winter Fair Horseshow in 2001 as well as 2005. This is why they were given the Jump Canada Owner of the Year award in 2009 for this generous support.

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Doing Business with Gregory James Aziz

National Steel Car, the company that provides the best railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering, is headed by none other than Greg James Aziz. He is the Chairman, President & CEO of the company. Just by the titles alone, you would know that Greg is a very successful man. But what can we learn about Greg? Perhaps if we first look at his roots, we would get an idea of what makes a successful CEO of a successful company.

Greg J Aziz was born in London on April 30, 1949. He went to University of Western Ontario where he took economics as a major. Having a business mind even from his early years, he joined his family’s wholesale business, called Affiliated Foods, which became a major company that distributed foods from Europe across the Americas.


Greg found himself In New York in the 80s and the 90s where he tried his hands-on investment banking, and in 1994 he was able to purchase the National Steel Car company. Since then, the manufacturing capability of the company grew from 3,500 cars per year to 12,000, in a span of only five years. And with 600 to 3,000 employment growth. Visit This Page for additional information.


The truth is, before the leadership of Greg Aziz, the company was not doing that well. If the business model of the enterprise weren’t going to be changed, today the leader of the industry would be another brand. Because of the downfall of National Steel Car at the time, the group was losing their customers.


However, the experience that Greg Aziz acquired from his years working with the business of his family, Affiliated Foods, and the education that he received at the University, were major components that allowed him to turn the table and restore the reputation of a company with more than half a century of experience.


Now with over 100 years of experience and having received consistent year awards for its excellence. Greg’s National Steel Car is the leading company in North America when it comes to manufacturing railroad freight cars. It has held that spot for the last 18 years now, and it doesn’t seem like they’re ready to give up their place on the top.


Greg isn’t only a successful businessman. He and his wife are also philanthropists who sponsor the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair among many other causes. He and his families also regularly attend the National Steel Car’s Christmas Party to contribute to the company’s food drive for local communities.

Check Out Aziz’s Site on: https://about.me/greg.aziz

Gregory Aziz Is A Highly Successful Entrepreneur

Greg Aziz is known for his philanthropy as well as for being a Family Man. He always knew that engineering is a very dynamic field. This is because change is not inevitable here but it is a necessity too. This is why any engineering firm has to embrace change in a positive manner in order to be successful and make a mark in its field. This would require using technology in a way to optimize its advantage. Next is customer relation that can help to determine the success of any venture.


A leading steel car manufacturing company of North America is the National Steel Car. It is highly successful even today due to the way in which it has effectively used technology in order to remain innovative. Next, its commitment and passion are evident in its workmanship. It has managed good customer relations over all these years. This company was started 1912. Today, it has more than 100 years of rich experience behind it. Throughout these years, this company has always managed to maintain its high standards. This is a great feat which is being emulated by many. Due to these reasons, National Steel Car has managed to earn a reputation for itself in the manufacturing industry. Refer to This Page for related information.


Gregory James Aziz is currently serving as the CEO of National Steel Car. It was in 1994 that he joined this company. Greg James Aziz values the effort that has been put in by each employee of National Steel Car to take the company to such heights of success. He also appreciates the efforts put in by all the suppliers with whom the company has worked over these years. This clearly indicates that the success of this company is a result of the combined determination as well as trust along with the commitment of all the involved parties. It is a team effort. No one could have managed such a long journey alone. Greg Aziz is a humble leader. His focus is on doing all those things that are for the good of the company and will take it a long way forward.


He was earlier working with his family business before joining National Steel Car. He has done his graduation from the University of Western Ontario. He was running his family business of wholesale foods. It was called Affiliated Foods. Then he moved to New York in order to work for investment banking. He worked there for several years.

Check out his profile on: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/gregaziz

Louis Chenevert: A Legendary Icon in Leadership

Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. When he led UTC, Chenevert believed clever investments are what gave companies power and success. Under Chenevert’s leadership, UTC took a risk in investing in their employees during an economic recession. However, calling it a success would be an understatement. The program has provided 39,000 employees degrees from the scholarships acquired. This is an incredibly generous offer, giving people access to education.

Chenevert did not just think about the short-term, but the long-term as well. This contributed significantly to the company’s success. He worked tirelessly from the time he had joined UTC in 1993, and his efforts couldn’t have been more rewarding in 2006 when he was appointed CEO. He drove the company to glory beating powerful industries that had been ahead of him as he claimed a higher position.

Born in Quebec in the year 1957, Chenevert’s childhood was like any other. He wanted to make something better for himself and sought education as his way in. He attended HEC Montreal acquiring a bachelor’s degree in production management.

His career at UTC molded him to what he is today, handing him popularity among other companies and establishing him as a role model in the aviation industry. His thriving had begun with his remarkable skills and intelligence which he had put to practice in his department that had earned a huge profit. He had managed to impress the company in the gains his investments had made.

Chenevert proved his flexibility when he had the aerospace engineers moved to save the company resources and put their skills to credible use. Chenevert is proud of the results his efforts have brought about, and he continues to inspire.

Julia Jackson’s Wine of Passion

Passion is one of the most important things to a business. For one thing, it brings out creativity. When people are passionate about the jobs they are working, they can actually come up with methods that could increase the success of the company. Julia Jackson herself is passionate about wine. She is so passionate that she has wanted to be a part of her family’s company. However, she did not want to just work in the company, she wanted to know everything about wine, particularly the French way of preparing wine. Therefore, she traveled to France as part of her education.

When she was in France, she has learned a lot. Therefore, she has managed to take all that she has learned and bring it with her so that she can be a part of one of the brands that the Jackson Family Wine Company has establish. One thing that can signify success in a company is having tons of brands. However, for companies that are willing to expand, it is important to think things through. After all, if expansion is done in a hasty manner, then it is actually not going to work. One thing that the business owner does not want is for his own company to crumble down on itself.

However, a lot of wisdom and careful planning has gone into the expansion of the company. Julia Jackson is willing to carry on that wisdom and even bring in some of her own wisdom towards the company. She has studied the company and has kept the vision of her company in her heart so that she can pursue it. Now that she is working in the company and marketing, there is a lot that she can do in order to move the company forward. Among all of these activities is creating new products.

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The Exciting Career of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLS, a company that he co-founded in 2015. He is of particular interest to anyone that has needs to grow their business and be successful. Glen Wakeman graduated from the University of Chicago in 1993, and graduated from the University of Scranton in 1981. He has a wide ranging career in different aspects of business for over 20 years. For 20 years he worked with GE capital. He has successfully helped other entrepreneurs, lived in six countries, and worked in 32 countries.

Glen Wakeman is extremely talented at making business and companies better by using 5 performance strategies: governance, risk management, human capital, leadership, and execution. His software service helps entrepreneurs who are starting a business to take their ideas and put them into a plan that will grow their business.

His expertise is shared on blog posts that he writes about topics such as international fiscal matters, management, administration, leadership and global affairs to name a few. His specialty in making businesses more successful has helped corporations with more that 17,000 employees and 5 billion in assets to improve tremendously. His blog posts also talk about subjects like social media, public speaking, and being a better manager.

Learn more about Glen Wakeman at premiergazette.com.

In Latin America, Glen Wakeman was the CEO of GE Money, and he was able to take this business to a 9 country operation,exceed 12 billion in assets and have a yearly earning of 100 million. He was able to invent new products, and helped other businesses in Europe reach substantial growth. GE’s board of directors recognized him as a Growth Leadership Role Model.

Glen is also Six Sigma Black Belt Certified, and continues to help businesses and entrepreneurs do their best to earn more and create products that consumers will buy.

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Richard Blair’s Winning 3 Pillars Of Success

The capital city of Texas is Austin, and accordingly a plethora of citizens and businessmen have made it the place that they call home while leveraging its vast resources in order to accumulate wealth and happiness. Richard Blair is one such individual who has made a name for himself in the area, and now he uses his company Wealth Solutions in order to ease the burden on others so that they can focus on the business at hand and leave the management of their portfolio to the experts.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions knows that his clients want to grow, protect and manage their assets all through a firm which has earned the esteem of those in what is now the 4th fastest growing city in the entire United States. The firm is also known by some technical jargon which might help those with a deeper understanding of the financial industry more precisely understand their purpose. That is the fact that they are classified as a Retirement Investment Advisory firm or an RIA in abbreviated form.


Their general guiding principles are based on three pillars which help the workers at Blair’s firm to quickly and accurately assessment the needs of potential clients and then reach out to them in the best way possible. The first pillar of the approach emphasizes the fact that they are there in order to specifically help the client to envision a financial roadmap to success by understanding strengths, goals, risk tolerance and growth opportunities. A client’s background and experience are a major consideration that helps fit them to a roadmap that will allow them to excel into the future.Learn more : http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/blog


The second pillar which guides his firm as they help clients is to develop a long-term investment strategy which is customized to the individual’s needs and preferences. Liquidity requirements as well as investment goals are the key metrics in this second pillar of progress, and Richard is able to help them reallocate and manage assets so that his clients are in the best position to profit nicely from favorable market conditions while guarding against any significant losses during the negative cycles which will inevitably be encountered.Learn more : http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/team


The third and final pillar is one of insurance, and his firm is able to offer deals on long-term care and life annuities which are specific to the individual and his or her family while complementing nicely all of the work done in the previous two pillars of approach. More and more Texans are moving into the city of Austin and its suburbs, and more and more of them are working with Mr. Blair once they arrive.



Examining the Relationship Between Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani, CEO DAMAC Properties

Great men don’t come around every day, that’s for certain. Here’s an introduction to the exemplary life of Hussain Sajwani, a UAE citizen making headlines in the USA. The one field which comes almost instinctively for the entrepreneur is the real-estate industry. Without this sector, Hussain probably would just be another wealthy Arab, not Donald Trump’s best buddy.

Of Russian Oligarchs and British Royals

Mr. Sajawani’s interests in the development arena started many years ago in the early nineties. Back then, the Dubai real estate was governed by colonial rules and regulations which meant that foreigners-read as non-Muslims-could not purchase land or own any property in the Islands. That all changed with the new Dubai ruler declaring it a free-market. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: http://hussainsajwani.com/

Hussain was among the pioneers to jump on board this profitable bandwagon and barely 20 years later, look at the wonderful transformation a single decision can end up having no a region, Dubai is without any doubt the most expensive and fastest growing housing and properties scene in the entire globe. Everyone’s now investing here; from the Russian oligarchs to the British royalty and even to American presidents.

Mainstream Media Protests

The media, which the current President of the US hates with a passion, was on the front line reporting how Sajwani was one of the special guests invited to usher in the year 2017 with Trump and his family. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Forbes

The media seemed to insinuate that the president had no moral respect for the office he got placed in. reason being, he was still actively involved in striking billion-dollar deals with other nations.

What if there arose a conflict of interest in the future? how would the incumbent be able to separate business from the national policy? At the end of it all, the president remained obstinate and pushed on with his contracts and friendship with the billionaire.

Meet Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani family is in the top ten list of the wealthiest people in Dubai, UAE. Mr. Sjawani is the present Damac owner and CEO. This company made history by becoming the first-ever UAE firm to get a spot to trade and list on the London Stock Exchange. Hussain’s organization juggles a whole myriad of sectors in their investment portfolio.

They dangle in real estate, energy, stocks and shares and most importantly, they have a robust philanthropic agenda. To date, this organization continues to pour in millions of dollars into charitable courses and endeavors in the middle east region they are based. For instance, they’ve built both free and cheap shelters for the poor communities in this region.

Copa Star Hospital Uses Penetron Strengthened Concrete

The new Copa Star hospital is a luxury compound that took over $400 million in Brazilian Reales to complete. It is no surprise that the hospital chose to use some of the highest quality materials to create the thing. For the concrete, they used Penetration chemicals to strengthen the construction and to prevent cracks. This would allow the concrete structure to last decades longer than the normal expiration date. The chemicals also prevent vapor pressure to build up from the inside. The usage of Penetron Admix-treated concrete allows for easier construction within the constricted construction site. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

With the interior design of the building, it allows for up to 50% less in energy consumption. It was constructed with careful planning to implement energy saving features that have never been seen in other hospitals. The HVAC system is rarely used since natural outdoor air is used to cool the interior. HVAC systems are the main culprit for excess energy consumption in hot countries like Brazil.

The interior of the hospital is better than that of a five-star hotel. The patients are served by staff as if they were well-appreciated guest rather than just another number. The restaurant is fully equipped with professional cooks that offer fine dining of five-star restaurants. Within the interior of the hospital, you will find a large collection of artwork by Japan’s Yazuka Toyota.

Such a luxurious hospital is only suitable for the Copacabana beach area. This hospital is built on Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães near other luxury hotels and restaurants. This hospital also offers the best medical services in Brazil outside of Sao Paulo.

The rooms that the patients will be staying in are not the typically uncomfortable experience. They resemble hotel suites with maximum privacy for both patients and their guests. The walls had also been soundproofed to add to the privacy factor.

The technology system is the most impressive feature of the hospital. Patients may log into the network with a cellphone or their provided Apple tablet. This allows patients to communicate with dotors, nurses and other staff members. The patient will also have direct control to the air conditioning, bed position and lighting. Their guests may also have access to the internal network.

The staff members had very intensive training sessions to deal with emergencies. The hospital trained the employees on how to deal with certain situations using test dummies. There are over 550 employees available at the hospital.

Jorge Moll and Rede D’Or are planning on opening similar hospitals throughout Brazil. Sao Paulo and Brasilia are prime targets to open new luxury hospitals. Copa Star currently focuses on neurology and cardiology patients. There is even robot technology to aid surgeons to perform the most difficult procedures. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall Makes Entertainment Its Core Business

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has played a pivotal role in enhancing the economy of Joao Pessoa. Since it started operations, the shopping mall has continued to attract a large client base. The business, owned by Roberto Santiago, is designed to offer clients with world-class services in the city. In the mall, every store is designed with an aspect of fun and leisure. Moreover, Roberto is working towards making the mall a hub of entertainment and shopping in the city. Previously, the city was only famed for its unparalleled sunsets, cuisines, and breathtaking beaches. Joao Pessoa is now set to become the center of hospitality in Brazil. Read more on polemicaparaiba.com

Manaira Shopping mall is strategically designed to satisfy the fun and entertainment needs of populace of the city by providing them with comfort, joy, and a calm environment during their visit to the city. To achieve this objective, Roberto Santiago has ensured that the mall has loads of facilities such as cinemas, theaters, electronic amusement park, ballrooms, and bowling alleys. Moreover, there are many food courts where clients can enjoy various cuisines from around the world.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall will have the first electronic amusement park, a dream of every gaming enthusiast, in the city. The park has over 1800 squares meters of floor space. The space is carefully designed to host over 200 different gaming machines. For Roberto, the wide variety of the machines will help in satisfying the utility of different gamers. Each machine has adequate space to ensure that the public and gamers can move freely.

The mall has a high-end cinema area. Manaira Shopping Mall boasts of over 11 movie rooms. The rooms are equipped with modern infrastructure. The mall has used the stadium model of sitting arrangement. This concept is key to maximizing the view and experience of every audience regardless of his or her sitting position.

At the top of its electronic park and modern movie rooms, the shopping mall has a gourmet space. The space offers families with a good environment where they can hang out and enjoy their meals. Atop the shopping mall is the Domus Hall, which is the largest concert hall in the city. It features soundproof walls, high-tech sound equipment, and powerful air-conditioning units. The hall has a standing capacity of ten thousand people and a sitting capacity of four thousand people. This way, it is ideal for wedding, presentations, graduations, stand-ups, and live events.

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago was born in the City of Joao Pessoa on July 16, 1958. The businessman is an alumnus of the Pio X-Marist College. He is also a graduate of the University Center of Joao Pessoa. At the university, Roberto pursued a degree in business administration. The successful entrepreneur has played an integral role in developing the city through establishing different businesses. Roberto is developing his second mall, Mangeira Shopping Mall. Read more articles on portaldolitoralpb.com