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Joel Friant Relaunches His Most Successful Product

Joel Friant is a small business owner who lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. He has been an entrepreneur throughout his professional career which started out with him in the real estate industry, both doing home remodeling projects and selling homes for clients. He has also been in the mortgage lending business as well as flipping homes for a profit. Additionally, he has written articles for publication about how to succeed in business and life in general.

It’s in the food industry, though, that Joel Friant has found his greatest success. In 1995 he opened the doors for a restaurant concept he had, serving Thai food as fast food. He also used his love for habanero peppers around this time to launch The Habanero Shaker. At the time he was living in Washington state and this product was successfully launched in several grocery chains there.

For several years Joel Friant had moved on to other industries and businesses but people who knew him kept asking him about his habanero product. He took a course that taught everything you need to know to successfully sell a product online. Matching his interest in online sales and his interest in habanero peppers led to him re-launching his product as The Original Habanero Shaker. It can now be found on Amazon as well as on eBay.

Joel Friant has The Original Habanero Shaker made in the United States. The container contains 100% habanero flakes with no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors added. As he points out, a habanero pepper rates at 200,000 on the Scoville heat scale which means that it’s really hot, but not so hot that it’s oppressive. They also contain capsaicin which, among other benefits, is a natural painkiller.

Habanero peppers are also very healthy to eat, as Joel Friant likes to point out to people. It can help people lose weight and it also kills unhealthy bacteria. It can help with ulcers, including preventing them, due to how it interacts with the stomach lining. Additionally, it is has a large amount of both vitamins A and C.

Academy of Art University fashion showcase

Huffington Post recently posted an article about the 21st annual fashion showcase of the Academy of Art University. As befits a webpage reporting a fashion showcase, the majority of the Huffington Post’s article is taken up by full-length photo portraits of models. Each photograph is accompanied by the name of the artist, the source of the materials used, and the awards each artist has achieved in their career.

As much as “Academy of Art University” is a dubious name in an age of for-profit colleges and internet banner ads, the university is a reputable and long-standing institution. It was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stevens as the Academy of Advertising Art, and it is an accredited member of the National Association of School of Art and Design.

The academy started out quite small — 45 students in a rented loft. It has undergone two periods of rapid expansion, growing from 250 to 5,000 students in the 1970s and from 2,000 students to 18,000 in the early 21st century. Currently it is one of the largest property owners in San Francisco, and has one of the largest and most valuable collections of antique cars in the world in its Automobile museum. Recently the academy got in some hot water for converting rent-controlled housing to academic use; they agreed to pay a fine of $20M to the city of San Francisco.

The academy has a tuition of about $26,000 and an acceptance rate of 100%, with about 12,000 current students, 8000 of them undergraduate. They offer associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in 30 areas of study, including architecture, fashion, animation, recording arts, and advertising. The retention rate for first-year undergraduates is 70% and the graduation rate for fourth-year students is 37%. The graduation rate for 6-year students is also 37%. The graduation rate for 8-year students is also 37%.

Forex Trade tips to learn from AvaTrade Review

Every individual with a passion towards improving their living standards through investment must ensure that they employ all the essential and practical strategies to succeed. When it comes to the field of finance, a significant number of people fail to choose the right choice for their investment partner as well as strategy. In forex trading, follow-up of the proper approaches helps to ensure that a trader is on the right track and does not lose their money through following the wrong guidelines. Traders that use the right software to guide them on forex trading high fall chances of making huge profits and ripping out big from their investments.

Forex trade investors like AvaTrade have taken the lead in the market to offer insight and guidance to all interested forex traders. The online trading platform works by first analyzing the forex market and evaluating the possible results of a particular move and later giving instructions or rather information to their clients on what to do to ensure that they successfully attain their targets. The platform will help a trader to choose options that have lower risks and high rewards and let you be in the know whenever you are interested. The trading platform also plays a significant role when it comes to monitoring the steps and decisions that you make regarding foreign trading. Besides, the platform has great features, like its provision of various options for one to choose depending on the total risks they are willing to take. The options help to ensure that each of their clients needs are covered regardless of the total amount of capital that they have. AvaTrade also provides its clients with a broad range of trading platforms due to the variance of peoples choice for a trading partner.

The trading platform has attracted millions of forex traders and their great services as well as effective instructions have seen them emerge to be the best forex trading brokers. Their broad range of options as well as education that they offer to their clients has played a significant role in maintaining them and helping them generate huge returns from their ventures.

Bob Reina: Taking Talk Fusion to Greater Heights

Bob Reina is an entrepreneur, marketer, businessman, and philanthropist. Reina started his own marketing company called Talk Fusion in 2007. The first product that the video marketing company launched is Video Email. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/


Reina was inspired to start the video marketing business after one of his friends introduced him to the network marketing industry. The former policeman felt that he was tired of employment. Therefore, he started to work towards fulfilling his goals as opposed to living from hand to mouth.


Although it proved quite hard to erect the business fully, he didn’t lose hope and kept rebuilding it again until he got it right in 2004. It was a failure of sending a brief video clip to his family that finally catapulted him towards the Video Email which proved to be a hit. He immediately consulted a friend who was an IT expert. He has 20 years of experience in the direct sales and marketing industry, and this has certainly helped him a lot in making the company successful.


The innovative entrepreneur uses charisma, unique leadership skills and love for philanthropy to steer Talk Fusion towards success. The main selling point of his video marketing company is the direct selling approach. Although the successful businessman had a lot of challenges in the making of his business, he has always been able to bypass them and remains optimistic. Talk Fusion has been successful in more than 140 countries, and the comprehensive business model that the company uses has ensured that it continues to grow triumphantly.


Reina is a big believer in the power of network marketing. The marketing guru landed his first clients through this concept. Even before he launched the business, he had already introduced it to his friends and associates. These people were part of his network, and by the time the product was being introduced to the market, many people were already anxious to purchase it. Learn more: http://bobreina.com/


Therefore, the initial customers and clients have helped the service grow, through using it in a wide range. Moreover, Reina’s passion for the power of the video and his belief in his business has helped it advance tremendously.