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Drew Madden: Climbing The Next Mountain

As successful entrepreneurs know, they are always seeking the next challenge in their business career. This has been particularly true of Drew Madden, who over two decades has established himself as the world’s leading healthcare IT professional, especially in electronic medical records systems. And as new spreads that health insurer Aetna and pharmaceutical company CVS plan an upcoming merger, and Amazon is entering the pharmaceutical business by acquiring licensing in many states across the country, it’s clear Drew Madden’s expertise and knowledge will be in great demand by numerous companies.

Trained as an Industrial Engineer, Drew Madden has used these talents, along with a keen eye for software development and IT operations, to forge a career for himself unlike virtually any other entrepreneur of his generation. Having spent several years as President and CEO of the highly successful healthcare IT consulting firm Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew Madden’s reputation is one that has come to symbolize a commitment to excellence. Starting with only 10 employees at NCP, Drew built the business to include over 700 of the world’s best healthcare IT professionals. And while this was happening, the company’s client list grew to include over 150 of the world’s top healthcare corporations and facilities. But maybe most impressive of all, annual revenues for NCP went from barely over $1 million to exceeding $140 million, cementing Drew’s place in the industry as an entrepreneur unlike any other.

Upon achieving his success at NCP, Drew knew it was time to find a new challenge in his professional life. Thus, he helped found Evergreen Healthcare Partners, yet another healthcare IT consulting firm. However, Evergreen’s focus is not only on healthcare IT, but change management as well. Having helped numerous companies over the years, Drew found many companies not only knew little about healthcare IT, but also how to go about implementing the latest management techniques to grow their business. Using his extensive knowledge and experience, Drew Madden has shown clients across the world how to stay ahead of the competition. In doing so, he has indeed climbed the next mountain, yet again finding success.