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Graeme Holm’s Impact to the Australian Community

One of the things that persuaded Graeme Holm into establishing Infinity Group Australia was the observation that he had made on the traditional banking institutions. These organizations had been offering raw financial deals to the Australian families that made them more impoverished than they were. The interest rates on Mortgages and other forms of loans were very unfavorable, and he felt that the customers were being extorted. To provide a solution for this, he figured out a way in which he could assist the customers using the great experience that he had obtained working in the banking sector for more than fifteen years. That was when he decided that he would form a company that would offer the same services as the traditional banks but in a different manner of service delivery.


By combining his passion and experience in the financial matters, Graeme Holm and his wife, Rebecca Walker, established Infinity Group Australia in 2013. Many people remained skeptical about how the company would thrive in the midst of all the existing banks and other financial institutions that had taken control of the financial market. Graeme Holm on the other side just saw the success of the organization through assisting the customers to get the best financial deals that they could afford. One of the main challenges that Graeme Holm had observed while still in the employment was lack of proper guidance for the customers especially those who sought credit services. Considering that not all the customers understood the concept of financial management, they deserved to be guided on how to manage their finances so that they could afford to pay their debts and similarly attend to their family needs.


When Graeme and Rebecca opened Infinity Group Australia, they ensured that they recruited a financial trainer who would guide the clients through the process of borrowing and also assist them in strategizing on the best ways to repay their financial debts without much strain. This step went a long way to ensure that their clients can live with financial freedom and hence happier than when they were in the traditional banking systems. The rate of loan repayment has also improved since the entrance of Infinity Group Australia into the market. More customers can now pay their debts more quickly with the assistance of Infinity Group as compared to the traditional banks. As a result, the customers express their gratitude for the great services that they are offered by Graeme Holm together with his strong team of employees at his company.


Other than the official duties at the Infinity Group Australia, Graeme holm and his wife also leads the organization to participate in charity works in the community. They visit the needy families and try to comfort them and reassure them that they are important beings in the universe. They also assist the children from these families to advance in education so that they can become independent and dependable individuals in the community. Other activities in which Graeme Holm engages include conservation of the environment.

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