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Stream Energy: How to Significantly reduce your energy bill

In life, it is very common for people, especially those who are living in urban centers to be slapped with huge electricity bills that leave them with a dropped jaw. These bills sometimes come too high than what the customer was expecting at the end of the month. When this is happening, the homeowner will ask questions, wondering why the bill has escalated and if there is anything they can do to save some money in the next month. If you have received a huge bill, then you will be careful to take measures to reduce it in the future. This predicament has affected many individuals in the society. However, you do not have to worry about your energy bill anymore (https://hitechchronicle.com/2017/11/stream-energy-texas/). A company known as Stream Energy has all the answers you have been looking for. The company has several experts who have all the expertise needed to guide you when it comes to matters of energy saving. The company believes that there are some hidden costs that all homeowners should be aware if they want to save some money at the end of the month.

There are so many household gadgets that are used in every home. According to the professionals working at Stream Energy, these electrical gadgets play a fundamental role in your escalated bill at the end of the day. These are the energy vampires that are giving you sleepless night every day. The cost of living has gone very high in the modern times. People are now looking for any opportunity to save even a single dollar so they can live a normal life. Experts at Stream Energy have observed that the applications you are using in your home consume some little power when they are not in use. Although the power consumed might seem insignificant at the end of a single day, the cost will pile up as the days go by, and at the end of the year, you will have lost a huge amount. When you are not using your computer and printer, it is crucial to unplug from the power supply so that the power bill doesn’t continue to increase. This is the only way to be assured of saving some cash at the end of the day.

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The Benefits Of Obsidian Energy Company To The Community

There are many things in place that Obsidian Energy Company; formerly Penn West Petroleum Company Limited, is doing to have a good and healthy environment for the community. One of the fundamental roles and visions of the obsidian energy firm is to have a positive rapport with the community that is very helpful when it comes to our day to day operations. For this reason, we are focused on ensuring that we do better to the community and have measures in place to help the community in return.


The public relations team is at the forefront of ensuring that our operations do not pose any danger to the neighboring communities. We always see it that our principal activities are environmentally friendly that is the way we have adhered to all the conducts and regulations that are therein stipulated by the relevant authorities concerning preserving and maintaining the environment. All our staff is aware that it is the communities that are the basis of our operations and therefore all of them are informed to have the safety of the community members come first. Also, our team of staff has been trained in the matters of having good relations with the community that is very important.


Obsidian ensure that when it comes to matters of experience, then we get the right team of staff that will see to it that all matters relating to Obsidian Energy and the community are amicably handled at any time. There is a toll-free number that you can call to get help on any issues relating to our operations in your area. The number is always on and whenever you call you will get someone to give you all the assistance that you need. We further look forward to engaging the members of the community for them to have their views and opinions on how to better the working environment for both the company and the community. Read This Page to learn more.


There are future plans also to have campaign awareness that is meant to bring together staff members and the members of the communities together. The future looks bright with Obsidian Energy helping the community members via various programs that are yet to be launched in the near future.


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Obsidian Energy Ltd Operates Under The Principle Of Discipline And Accountability

Obsidian Energy Ltd. is a company that is based in Canada to be specific in Calgary, Alberta. The company deals in the production of oil and natural gas. The company was founded in 1979, and it has David L. French as its Chief Executive Officer, and he also serves as the President of the company. Learn More Here.


Before the change of name to Obsidian, the company was known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd. The CEO notes that the company decided to change its name to Obsidian since the name Obsidian refers to a volcanic glass that occurs naturally. This type of glass is capable of being sharpened, or it can be honed. The change of name was formalized in June of 2017. This company falls under the category of a public company, and it is a medium sized company.


The crude oil production industry was highly affected when oil prices dropped in 2014. As a result, Obsidian Energy had to go through some necessary changes which forced the company to sell some of its assets in the following two years to reduce the debt level. That influenced the company to change its name so that it can be able to accommodate the changes that it has gone through over the years. With all the changes that have been put in place, the CEO of the company is excited and is looking forward to the journey that the company will take under its new name.


As a company, Obsidian Energy operates under the principle of discipline and accountability. The company’s accountability is stretched out from their shareholders to their partners and the whole community at large in which they operate in. They also display passion about the work that they do. A combination of all these plus a lot of dedication led the company to be named among the 60 biggest companies according to the Toronto Stock Exchange.


The company went ahead to earn a revenue of close to $9.5 billion in Jan. 2008. This revenue was the highest to be recorded. The oil and gas fields of the company are found in Alberta in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This region is known to host the largest oil reserves.