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Rick Shinto: Guiding InnovaCare Health towards Improving Healthcare Outcomes

When Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico in mid-September 2017, it left a trail of damage that the locals are yet to recover from. From hospitals to roads, homes, healthcare facilities and power lines, the hurricane-ravaged most of the infrastructures in the region. In the wake of the hurricane, many Puerto Ricans have battled with the problem of accessing quality and comprehensive healthcare services. Even though the area has fought with pressing health care issues for decades, the hurricane heightened the severity of the inadequacies in Puerto Rico’s healthcare sector. However, InnovaCare Health, under the leadership of its chief executive officer and president Rick Shinto has stepped into the gap with innovative healthcare services such as mobile clinics, makeshift clinic and home health visits.


Through its Medicare y Mucho Mas (MMM) healthcare plan offered by its subsidiary in the island, InnovaCare Health runs a makeshift clinic, Recargate, in San Juan that provides comprehensive healthcare services for those enrolled under the Medicare and Medicaid health plans. The clinic offers counseling, physical examination, and referral services. It also organizes numerous health and wellness workshops and educational seminars, to help the residents to recharge both emotionally and physically from the devastating effects of the hurricane. Those seeking for social services can also visit the center to get the much-needed help considering that the hurricane damaged most of the offices in the area. They can also pick refills for essential commodities such as drugs as the center has become a collection and distribution center in the area.


InnovaCare Health’s dedication to the promotion of quality healthcare provision in the country especially in Puerto Rico has seen the company’s chief administrative officer, Penelope Kokkinides, visit the White House as part of a panel invited by the president. The eight-member committee comprised of women actively involved in the healthcare industry in various capacities. They discussed the legislative agenda of the administration when it comes to improving healthcare provision. During the meeting, Kokkinides argued that cutting costs associated with Medicare Advantage can help more Puerto Ricans access healthcare services. The meeting also stressed the importance of the millions of women serving in the sector in pushing for the provision of quality and affordable healthcare services.


InnovaCare Health employs the best talents in the industry to serve in various roles. The company is currently looking for member enrolment manager and director of the pharmacy to serve at MMM of Florida, Inc. subsidiary. The company is also seeking to hire a corporate chief medical officer to oversee its managed care services, a chief financial officer, and a health recruiter to serve on a temporary basis.


Brazilian Butt Lift: What will it do?

When deciding to get a Brazilian Butt Lift, we have noticed that many people who decide to undergo this operation are quite curious about what this operation will do for their posterior. Ther is a confusion between a Brazilian Butt Lift and a traditional butt lift.

Well to answer this question the Brazilian Butt Lift will give your backside appearance a much more firm and visually appealing look. Your posterior ill look much healthier as well as stronger and tighter.

The Brazilian Butt Lift will compliment your overall body appearance. If you are looking to get a Brazilian Butt Lift, then we highly recommend you continue to read as we will explain the overall results of the operation.

Brazilian Butt Lift


Brazilian Butt Lift is very strenuous procedures. Although our team of experts is more than capable of handling the operation; it is quite strenuous for those who will undergo the operation as they must be in good physical health.

The operation will improve your buttocks and your backside. If you are someone who has lost a great deal of weight, and that is something that is greatly admired, you know how you now must overcome that excess skin that you have gained from your weight loss.

The operation will remove that excess skin and will lift yours behind giving your appearance a much better look.

This operation although cosmetic is also great for your emotional and psychological health. You have done the job, lost the wight and now you look to improve your look. Our surgeons all have years of experience and will be more than able to handle this operation.

If you are looking to get this operation feel free to come in today and get a free consultation. Whatever question you may have will be answered.

We look forward to seeing you.

Dr.Mark Holterman is working to change the lives of children

A professor at the University of Illinois School of Medicine, specializing in pediatric surgery as well as general surgery, Dr.Mark Holterman is a man working on a great cause to shed light on the growing epidemic of diabetes in children and young adults. Earning his BA in biology while attending Yale, only to later pursue and acquire his Ph.D. in the University of Virginia, this Illinois based professional is conducting his research in cancer treatments as well as stem cell therapy. A member of the ADA or the American Diabetes Association, he is committed to finding a cure for type 2 diabetes in young children.


As a CEO of Mariam Global Health, his work on medical advancements goes above and beyond while creating a business management firm focusing on science and medical health advancements to help improve quality care while seeking “impact innovators”. It is a term used to describe a business and medicinal scientific hybrid to create a lasting impact on healthcare.


His hard work has shown, earning him awards such as America’s Top Doctors award, and Patient’s Choice award along with others. Dr. Mark Holterman has recently teamed up with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, making efforts to raise awareness on diabetes and helping children to know the importance of engaging in physical activities and making better food choices in order to stay fit and decrease the chances of possible health issues. The program is for children ages 8 to 16, taking place in schools, camps, churches, and parks to educate and inform the children on diabetes care, in hopes that awareness is a strong tool in helping prevent the chronic illness.


Providing a selfless need to help others, Dr. Mark Holterman also participates in helping such charities as the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the children of Vietnam, which helps children and medical professionals perform better with the properly provided training and tools for the best quality medical care for young patients across the country (GazetteDay). He is an exceptional man with a plan to give kids the fighting chance of defeating illness and helping them strive towards a promising future practicing good health habits.

More about Dr. Mark Holterman at https://ideamensch.com/mark-holterman/