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Rick Shinto: Guiding InnovaCare Health towards Improving Healthcare Outcomes

When Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico in mid-September 2017, it left a trail of damage that the locals are yet to recover from. From hospitals to roads, homes, healthcare facilities and power lines, the hurricane-ravaged most of the infrastructures in the region. In the wake of the hurricane, many Puerto Ricans have battled with the problem of accessing quality and comprehensive healthcare services. Even though the area has fought with pressing health care issues for decades, the hurricane heightened the severity of the inadequacies in Puerto Rico’s healthcare sector. However, InnovaCare Health, under the leadership of its chief executive officer and president Rick Shinto has stepped into the gap with innovative healthcare services such as mobile clinics, makeshift clinic and home health visits.


Through its Medicare y Mucho Mas (MMM) healthcare plan offered by its subsidiary in the island, InnovaCare Health runs a makeshift clinic, Recargate, in San Juan that provides comprehensive healthcare services for those enrolled under the Medicare and Medicaid health plans. The clinic offers counseling, physical examination, and referral services. It also organizes numerous health and wellness workshops and educational seminars, to help the residents to recharge both emotionally and physically from the devastating effects of the hurricane. Those seeking for social services can also visit the center to get the much-needed help considering that the hurricane damaged most of the offices in the area. They can also pick refills for essential commodities such as drugs as the center has become a collection and distribution center in the area.


InnovaCare Health’s dedication to the promotion of quality healthcare provision in the country especially in Puerto Rico has seen the company’s chief administrative officer, Penelope Kokkinides, visit the White House as part of a panel invited by the president. The eight-member committee comprised of women actively involved in the healthcare industry in various capacities. They discussed the legislative agenda of the administration when it comes to improving healthcare provision. During the meeting, Kokkinides argued that cutting costs associated with Medicare Advantage can help more Puerto Ricans access healthcare services. The meeting also stressed the importance of the millions of women serving in the sector in pushing for the provision of quality and affordable healthcare services.


InnovaCare Health employs the best talents in the industry to serve in various roles. The company is currently looking for member enrolment manager and director of the pharmacy to serve at MMM of Florida, Inc. subsidiary. The company is also seeking to hire a corporate chief medical officer to oversee its managed care services, a chief financial officer, and a health recruiter to serve on a temporary basis.


Osteo Relief Institute- Offering Pain Reprieve Answer

Arthritis refers to joint diseases, and it mostly affects the old. The disorders have been around for centuries, and there are more than one hundred types of arthritis. Additionally, in U.S alone approximately 50 million adults get the diseases with women being the majority. Osteoarthritis one of the most prevalent kind of arthritis and its main symptoms is degeneration of the joints cartilages mostly affecting the soft tissues found between the bones.


According to Dr. Matthew CiRullo who is a family medicine, the joints cartilages tears up and causes rubbing of bones against each other causing stiffness, swelling, and pain. Eventually, the joints lose its significant strength, and the pain becomes chronic. While osteoarthritis has no cure, it has various ways of management options to give an individual quality life and free from joints pain. The significant factors that cause osteoarthritis include family history, excess weight, previous injury, and age. And since it’s not curable patients are advised to commit to self-management treatment to prevent pain and decrease deterioration speed.


The Osteo Relief Institute operates in New Jersey, an independently owned company that has a team of highly qualified and certified staff who strive to offer the best communication and patient care. Osteo Relief Institute significant achievement is of highly advanced latest high tech types of equipment which gives the edge treatment to their patients.


Osteo Relief Institute provides relief solutions to long-lasting pains with FDA approved and cleared technology, which means their patients won’t lack the necessary solution to end their discomfort (YouTube). The company has a goal of offering the best pain solutions that make their patients shun surgery.


Osteo Relief Institute has multidisciplinary locations all over America with certified physical therapists and physicians that treat a patient with special care and as a family member. Their products are designed to give the patient an active life free from pain.


Osteo Relief Institute staff mandate is to explain to the client in simple English the kind of treatment they will receive and ways of making health and educated future decisions. Osteo Relief Institute offers pain relief solutions to those suffering from locking and catching joints, pain in the spine, pain when using stairs, etc.

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