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Editor Ted Bauman, a Strategic Planner

Ted has talked about mistakes that one should avoid while planning on their retirements. In his article, he distinguishes the difference between price and value. He insists that one should consider value when planning on their retirement rather than price. This is because the value of an asset cannot be compromised as price can.

Ted also advises on giving priorities to one’s life. He says that these priorities should be paid more attention than other aspects of life. They should act as the strategies that give life a direction and a purpose. In his opinion, one of these priorities should be the retirement plan since at some point, everyone is going to retire.

In his argument, Ted Bauman points out that the valuable assets one has adds up to their net worth. It is this value that helps a person to have a comfortable retirement. Upon retirement, one can then convert his valuable assets to money which they can use for the rest of their lives if they had invested wisely on valuable assets. This is done by selling the assets to the younger generation who are building their lives.

He adds that basing one’s retirement on the price value can be frustrating and may lead to mystery after retirement. This is because price keeps on changing and it may drop in its value after one has retired leaving them with very little to survive on. This in return may lead to poor health due to stress on how to survive without a source of income.

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According to the current inequality, Ted notes that the younger generation is no longer in a position to buy assets from the older generation and the number keeps on increasing. Thus, homes that are taken for granted should be well maintained and taken care of as their value will continue rising as years pass.

Currently, Ted serves at the Banyan Hill Publishing as the editor of Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter and Plan B Letter. He is a full time writer and researcher who have spent his life in reaching out to people, helping them to live better lives. Read more about Ted Bauman at Ezine Articles

He acquired his higher education in South Africa in Economics and History, postgraduate degrees at the University of Cape Town. He then had his career life in South Africa for 25 years where he served in nonprofit organizations in executive positions. Ted has helped people living in low cost housing in over 35 countries all over the world.

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Up-close with Madison Street Capital and the Latest U.S Titanium Market Report Documenting Current Challenges and Opportunities for Growth

The United States Titanium Mill Products Market has witnessed turbulent times in recent years. To accurately deduce the current state of affairs, the industry recently released an analytical assessment of the leading challenges faced by the Mill Products Market presently and in future. By reading the report, readers should grasp an overview of the key challenges and potential solutions to such problems. In essence, critical issues such as depreciation cost, raw material and labor cost have played a crucial contribution to the current predicament with barely enough solutions at hand.


To grasp a much better understanding, experts analyze the production process concerning concepts such as commercial production, technology source, capacity and manufacturing plant distribution with a critical view to promoting production and generating revenue. Such data provides accurate information regarding the U.S Titanium Mill Products industry.


  • The Production Analysis-The production process mainly involves analyzing different locations, forms and applications to achieve company goals and objectives. This significant segment mainly covers price analysis.


  • Sales and Revenue projection: Sales and income collection go hand in hand to capitalize on the rapidly growing market. This primarily entails analyzing various market regions associated with the U.S Titanium Mill Products. Moreover, the price also comes in handy while promoting revenue generation across various marketing platforms.


  • Supply and consumption: This sector uniquely focuses on studying the supply and consumption trend with the sole intention of bridging the gap across different markets. Key areas such as imports and exports also reveal essential information on necessary changes to be made.


  • Competitors: Analyzing competitors within the industry provides the U.S Titanium Mill products company provides players with critical statistics concerning product portfolio, cost, price, revenue and company profile.


  • Other analysis techniques: In addition to the criteria mentioned above, the U.S Titanium Mill Products Market coordinates activities related to suppliers, critical consumers and major manufacturers on the production costs.


Profile of Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital reputation as a premium hedge fund investment remains unrivaled. The Illinois-based institution prides in delivering exceptional results courtesy of its array of services including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring services, business valuation, corporate advisory services and much more. Since its formation, company professionals have honed their skills to provide exceptional knowledge, build formidable relationships and provide tailor-made solutions to its diverse range of customers.


Unlike its competitors, Madison Street Capital draws excellence from its vast experience in solving different types of challenges presented by clients. Over time, such skills have remarkably made the company a formidable investment enterprise to watch out in 2017.

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