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Glen Wakeman: Passionate Strategist

Snappy Answers was a service that sold pre-recorded answering machine messages. They were funny and fresh, but the idea lacked a proper framework, and the company met its inevitable demise. Glen Wakeman, a pioneer of the said company, is not and never has been a quitter. He possesses a sense of curiosity that forces him to see things through (Crunchbase). This quality gets him through problem-solving and innovation phases, leading him right to customer satisfaction. He is often nagged by the need to understand things in a bid to figure out how to make them better.

Growth Leader

Glen Wakeman holds a bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Scranton. In 1993, he graduated with an MBA in Finance from University of Chicago. Before embarking on an entrepreneurship journey, Glen worked at GE Capital. During his two-decade-long career, Glen has gained recognition for his uncanny ability to lead companies to growth and success. He has developed a five-step performance methodology focusing on risk management, human capital, leadership, and execution. These five steps are tried, tested and proven to be useful. Mr. Wakeman has led operation in more than 30 regions of the world. He has a good idea of how a company should run under different political and economic climates.

Finally Got It Right

Nova Four, by Glen Wakeman, gives strategic advice and access to capital for developing companies. Again in 2015, Glen started LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This company helped businesses in the initial and most crucial steps of starting a company. He mingles with many entrepreneurs, and he has noticed that start-ups rarely ever survive the first year. Upon investigation, he realized that these companies failed because they did not have a plan. Glen Wakeman insists that the idea in itself is not a plan. According to the business magnate, a plan should be in place for proper execution of the idea (https://www.slideshare.net/GlenWakeman). It is from this that LaunchPad was born. The company provides software to make the plan-forming stage easier. Glen is an avid fan of the use of machine learning to solve problems in the business environment.