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Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Launches a Paranormal Show

Beyond the Darkness is the new show that was launched by the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz. The paranormal show is the latest show to be hosted on Chris Jericho’s Podcast network. The show is set to explore the paranormal in all dimensions.


Hosted by some of some of the greatest radio gurus, Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, the show is expected to explore the paranormal deeply. It is expected that show would challenge everything the fan base know about ghouls, ghosts, demons, aliens, angels and miracles. The show would feature entertaining and enlightening conversations with globally recognized researchers and experience. New episodes would be released weekly on iTunes, PodcastOne app and PodcastOne.com.


Statement from Norman Pattiz


Speaking during the launch, PodcastOne founder and executive chairman, Norman Pattiz praised Chris Jericho for his exemplary achievements at PodcastOne network. He said that Chris has emerged as one of the critical assets of the PodcastOne network. He further acknowledged Jericho’s effort in managing The Jericho Network collection evolution to beyond wrestling. Basing his argument on Jericho’s ability to deliver comedians, Pattiz said that he believed that Jericho could handle the paranormal show, Beyond the Darkness.


Chris Jericho’s Statement


Jericho said that he is encouraged by the addition of Beyond the Darkness to the Jericho Network. Jericho believes the hosts, Dave and Tim, are top radio gurus with a massive fan base, which will be brought to PodcastOne. Jericho expects the show to grow a great deal due to the already existing fan base.


Overview of PodcastOne


PodcastOne is one of the leading advertiser network founded by Norman Pattiz. The firm has over 50 collective years of experience and delivers the best results and advertiser results. Currently, PodcastOne has over 200 most popular podcasts.


About Norman Pattiz


Pattiz is an American broadcasting mogul with over 40 years of experience. He is also the chairman and founder of Courtside Entertainment Group, a company that produced and distributed high-quality programming. Pattiz began his career in 1974 when he founded Westwood One. Under his leadership, Westwood One grew to become the largest radio network providing sports, entertainment, and news.


Pattiz was appointed by President Clinton and Bush in 2000 and 2002 respectively to head the Board of Governors of the United States. It was during under his leadership when he launched Americas Arabic language radio and television in all the 22 countries in the Middle East.

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