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Securus Technologies Saving the Prison Facilities from the Contraband Supplied Through Drones

Securus Technologies is a company that needs no introduction in the corrections sector. Over the years, the products and services of Securus Technologies have helped the corrections sector to become technologically advanced. Some of the investigative technologies offered by the company are responsible for saving the lives of many people, including many officers as well as civilians. Recently, the company announced that it has finally developed the drone detection technology that would not let the drones enter the prison perimeter undetected.


Drones have suddenly become a problem for the correctional facilities in the last few years as the criminals have started using it to transport contraband inside the prison. The correctional facilities have all the technology it can need to ensure that no land transport of contraband is possible, but from something, air dropped can’t be easily dropped. It is what drones have been doing for the criminals. In many instances, the corrections officers have found that the contraband packages does not only carry drugs, money, and knives but also guns. It can be highly dangerous for the security of the prisons, which are otherwise considered to be highly safe and secure.


Securus Technologies has recently announced that it has the technology needed to stop the drones from supply contraband inside the prison. The company has launched the drone detection technology that would quickly detect that has infiltrated the prison premise. As soon as any drone, irrespective of make, model, and size enters the prison perimeter, an alarm will set off that would make it easier for the corrections officer to be alert about the presence of drone in the area. The location of the drone would also be detected by the drone detection technology, so that the drone is not only captured but that the contraband it is carrying is seized before it reaches the wrong hands.