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Clayton Hutson Highlights Success and Strategies in BroTalk Interview

Clayton Hutson is a live sound engineer and production manager. After taking college courses as a theater design student, he worked his way up as an audio engineer and project manager throughout the live music industry. Hutson’s firm mainly works in rock music where his company manages, designs, and and produces concerts. Services offered are: production design/management, show producer, monitor engineer, rigging, and logistics/stage management. Huston and his company have worked with big-name artists including Kid Rock and Pink.


Clayton Hutson interviewed in a Q&A corner with BroTalk, sharing his background, motivations, and advice. Clayton first shares that the success behind starting his own business comes from past skills developed in previous positions. Once the recession took a hit on his employer, Hutson saw an opportunity to begin his own venture. Hutson appeals to his clients by being detail-oriented, hard-working, professional, and attentive. Through providing a great experience to his current clients, he opens the door for potential clients through referrals of happy clients. The habits that help Hutson and his company succeed is being organized and triple-checking his work. Realizing that every detail has larger downstream impacts, Hutson prevents larger issues by breaking down and reviewing every detail. Hutson writes down every task to remain organized and help him envision the bigger picture. Learn more: https://medium.com/@claytonhutson49


Hutson continues to share his method behind visual concepts, set design, and audio by ensuring the dimensions appropriately fit the venue for each show. The trend that keeps Huston excited within the music industry is how modern technology continually enhances and provides new opportunities and features for shows. While keeping safety his priority, Hutson explains how modern technology and equipment are becoming progressively lighter, mobile, and brighter. Hutson shares the advice that he’d give his younger self is to prioritize family above anything else. He would also advise to remain honest in all evaluations of situations.


As a manager, Hutson believes that a person’s abilities and talent are more important than attitude. The reasoning behind this contradictory notion is that you cannot fully train an untalented but likable worker. To view the full article with BroTalk in which Hutson continues to share his experience, advice, and recommendations, click here.