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Copa Star Hospital Uses Penetron Strengthened Concrete

The new Copa Star hospital is a luxury compound that took over $400 million in Brazilian Reales to complete. It is no surprise that the hospital chose to use some of the highest quality materials to create the thing. For the concrete, they used Penetration chemicals to strengthen the construction and to prevent cracks. This would allow the concrete structure to last decades longer than the normal expiration date. The chemicals also prevent vapor pressure to build up from the inside. The usage of Penetron Admix-treated concrete allows for easier construction within the constricted construction site. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

With the interior design of the building, it allows for up to 50% less in energy consumption. It was constructed with careful planning to implement energy saving features that have never been seen in other hospitals. The HVAC system is rarely used since natural outdoor air is used to cool the interior. HVAC systems are the main culprit for excess energy consumption in hot countries like Brazil.

The interior of the hospital is better than that of a five-star hotel. The patients are served by staff as if they were well-appreciated guest rather than just another number. The restaurant is fully equipped with professional cooks that offer fine dining of five-star restaurants. Within the interior of the hospital, you will find a large collection of artwork by Japan’s Yazuka Toyota.

Such a luxurious hospital is only suitable for the Copacabana beach area. This hospital is built on Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães near other luxury hotels and restaurants. This hospital also offers the best medical services in Brazil outside of Sao Paulo.

The rooms that the patients will be staying in are not the typically uncomfortable experience. They resemble hotel suites with maximum privacy for both patients and their guests. The walls had also been soundproofed to add to the privacy factor.

The technology system is the most impressive feature of the hospital. Patients may log into the network with a cellphone or their provided Apple tablet. This allows patients to communicate with dotors, nurses and other staff members. The patient will also have direct control to the air conditioning, bed position and lighting. Their guests may also have access to the internal network.

The staff members had very intensive training sessions to deal with emergencies. The hospital trained the employees on how to deal with certain situations using test dummies. There are over 550 employees available at the hospital.

Jorge Moll and Rede D’Or are planning on opening similar hospitals throughout Brazil. Sao Paulo and Brasilia are prime targets to open new luxury hospitals. Copa Star currently focuses on neurology and cardiology patients. There is even robot technology to aid surgeons to perform the most difficult procedures. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

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