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Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

Traditionally the fashion industry would rate which product is best the price and quality of the product. In recent years this theory has changed. 20% of Amazon’s sales comes from the trend in fitness wear. Amazon allows anyone to log in and purchase their products at their convenience. The Fabletics industry specializes in athletic wear and has made $250 million in profit over the last three years has taken a new approach to selling their products. The Fabletics industry has their clients set up a personal account to maintain their purchases and style trends. This is done to help personalize the latest styles to their customers. This concept to selling the product has worked out well for the company and they are now opening 16 new retail stores throughout the country in the next year.


The Fabletics Athlesiure brand offers a line of stylish athletic wear for women of all ages. The new apparel line offers a unique line of pants. The athletic pants are made for all body shapes and come in sizes XXS to 3XL. The athletic pants are made out of dri core material, allowing optimum airflow to keep you cool while you workout. The pants are designed to give you the optimum workout for yoga, running, cycling, and cardio. The pants are offered in high-waist, capri, leggings, and joggers. The different colors range from a solid black to a two-tone pattern. To help find which style, size, and color would best suit your body type, the company offers a Lifestyle Quiz to help narrow down your search.


The cost of the pants are economically priced for all incomes. You can purchase the pants in select retail stores or purchase through the website. If you purchase the pants through the website, they offer special bargains throughout the year and the shipping cost is minimal for your purchase. When you purchase the pants through the website you can also sign up for your own account. If you purchase the pants in a retail store, the company may put a sale on the product certain times of the year.