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Fabletics: The Crowd’s Power

For decades, companies controlled advertising trends and marketing influence. It was a system that worked for a long time because companies used to offer honest products and services at fair prices. With the increase of e-commerce businesses, some companies took advantage of consumers’ trusting nature and began selling over-priced low-quality products and services.

This change in the brand-customer relationship carved the path for crowd-sourced reviews. These days, customers, or the crowd, have all the power. Online reviews became a go-to source of honest information about any and every product or service offered by every company. This new consumer behavior put a lot of companies ahead of larger powerhouses.

One such company is Fabletics. Launched in 2013, Fabletics is generating over $250 million in revenue and has grown exponentially, even expanding into the international markets. While many debate how Fabletics found such significant success in such a short time frame, some of its executives credit the growth and success to the crowd.

Fabletic’s already been a brand focused on its members. Interacting with members makes the brand better, which is a belief held by everyone who works at the company. Establishing and maintaining a close relationship with members is just as important as creating great products.

Other than the crowd’s participation in making Fabletics great, Fabletics also has Kate Hudson as part of the brand. She’s a co-founder and worked with Fabletics since the beginning. She’s an integral part of their regular operations and a valued member of the team.

It was her idea to combine a brilliant e-commerce model with affordable, high-quality products. She wanted to target a different audience that wasn’t necessarily welcomed by other activewear brands. She made Fabletics into something that stands for more than just high fashion and profits. That combination and commitment attracted over one million monthly members.

Her commitment goes beyond just being inspirational. She’s actually a dedicated businesswoman with a lot to offer. She spent a lot of time with the designers to make sure that every woman would be able to find something she likes at Fabletics. Recently, the brand released its first plus-size line.

Since the release, Hudson’s been a lot happier with the brand. They offer sizes from XXS to 3X, completing Hudson’s original dream. Not that the brand’s on track with her philosophy, she’s focused on increasing her business contributions.