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Jorge Moll: the Cardiologist and Investor behind the Star Cup Hospital and Rede D Or São Luiz

Jorge Moll has made a massive contribution to Brazil’s business world, particularly in the healthcare entrepreneurship sector. He is the founder and owner of Rede D Or São Luiz, Brazil’s leading hospital group. Some of his hospitals are based in Rio de Janeiro and others in São Paulo with the most popular of them being Sirio-Libanês, the Star Cup, and Albert Einstein. As part of his management job in his hospitals, Jorge Moll also works as a cardiologist.



The Star Cup



The Star Cup is based in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, along the Figueiredo Magalhães Street. The hospital is a sensation on its own, particularly due to the 5-star hotel experience it accords patients (LinkedIn). The hospital is part of Jorge Moll’s transformative agenda, with his business moves and investment options aimed at revolutionizing the hospital experience that Brazilian and indeed patients from across the globe are accustomed to.


The design and architectural touch that was employed at the Star Cup was precedent setting. To begin with, the hospital is located just a stone-throw away from the Copacabana beach, giving the patients a beautiful scenery to watch. This aids in accelerating the rehabilitation and recuperation process. Inside the hospital halls, there are beautiful collection of the masterpieces of art by Yutaka, Japanese painter- such exquisite décor is rare to find in a hospital premise. Jorge Moll also ensured that patients and staff at the hospital are accorded the privacy that they deserve by setting up an annexed area within the premise, through which people seeking privacy can pass through. Over and above that, the hospital sits on an area estimated to be not less than 21000 m2.



Medical Professionals



As a medical practitioner, Jorge Moll understands that it takes more than just infrastructure to satisfy patients. He has put in place some of the most sophisticated technology of today as well as modern medical equipment to ensure that patients get the right diagnosis and treatment. Regarding personnel, the Star Cup has more than 100 doctors with a wide range of specialties; cardiology and neurology are among the areas the hospital has emphasized on. Besides the doctors, the Star Cup has more than 500 other professionals.

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