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Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall Makes Entertainment Its Core Business

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has played a pivotal role in enhancing the economy of Joao Pessoa. Since it started operations, the shopping mall has continued to attract a large client base. The business, owned by Roberto Santiago, is designed to offer clients with world-class services in the city. In the mall, every store is designed with an aspect of fun and leisure. Moreover, Roberto is working towards making the mall a hub of entertainment and shopping in the city. Previously, the city was only famed for its unparalleled sunsets, cuisines, and breathtaking beaches. Joao Pessoa is now set to become the center of hospitality in Brazil. Read more on polemicaparaiba.com

Manaira Shopping mall is strategically designed to satisfy the fun and entertainment needs of populace of the city by providing them with comfort, joy, and a calm environment during their visit to the city. To achieve this objective, Roberto Santiago has ensured that the mall has loads of facilities such as cinemas, theaters, electronic amusement park, ballrooms, and bowling alleys. Moreover, there are many food courts where clients can enjoy various cuisines from around the world.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall will have the first electronic amusement park, a dream of every gaming enthusiast, in the city. The park has over 1800 squares meters of floor space. The space is carefully designed to host over 200 different gaming machines. For Roberto, the wide variety of the machines will help in satisfying the utility of different gamers. Each machine has adequate space to ensure that the public and gamers can move freely.

The mall has a high-end cinema area. Manaira Shopping Mall boasts of over 11 movie rooms. The rooms are equipped with modern infrastructure. The mall has used the stadium model of sitting arrangement. This concept is key to maximizing the view and experience of every audience regardless of his or her sitting position.

At the top of its electronic park and modern movie rooms, the shopping mall has a gourmet space. The space offers families with a good environment where they can hang out and enjoy their meals. Atop the shopping mall is the Domus Hall, which is the largest concert hall in the city. It features soundproof walls, high-tech sound equipment, and powerful air-conditioning units. The hall has a standing capacity of ten thousand people and a sitting capacity of four thousand people. This way, it is ideal for wedding, presentations, graduations, stand-ups, and live events.

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago was born in the City of Joao Pessoa on July 16, 1958. The businessman is an alumnus of the Pio X-Marist College. He is also a graduate of the University Center of Joao Pessoa. At the university, Roberto pursued a degree in business administration. The successful entrepreneur has played an integral role in developing the city through establishing different businesses. Roberto is developing his second mall, Mangeira Shopping Mall. Read more articles on portaldolitoralpb.com

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