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Sheldon Lavin Leads OSI Group to Become Industry’s Leader in Sustainability

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC and is also the President of OSI International Foods Limited. Lavin has been in the meat and food processing industry since 1970. Sheldon Lavin started in the industry at Otto & Sons, a neighborhood butcher shop in Chicago, where he was involved in finance. Otto & Sons grew into OSI Group since then. Lavin has experienced and aided in the growth of OSI from a domestic food processing company to an international company leading the industry. OSI Group currently has over 60 locations in 60 different countries. Because of his success in guiding OSI to what it is now, he was given the Global Visionary Award in 2016 by India’s Vision World Academy.

OSI has also received several environmental and sustainability awards under the guidance of Lavin. Sheldon Lavin was also awarded the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor as well as the California Green Business Award. Sustainability is something very important to Lavin as he says he hopes that future corporate leaders will continue to prioritize the environment and sustainability. Sustainability has become a core value of OSI and is seen in their everyday operations. They demonstrated this by hiring Nicole Johnson-Hoffman as their Chief Sustainability Officer in 2017.

Lavin has been essential to OSI’s adoption of new strategies and technologies aimed towards increased efficiency and decreased environmental impact. OSI and Lavin’s success in sustainability wouldn’t have existed without taking risks. OSI developed two Culinary Innovation Centers located in the United States and China and one Research and Development Center in Chicago, to conduct research and develop new techniques towards greater sustainability. These risks have led OSI and Sheldon Lavin to receive countless awards and has led them to become the leader in sustainability in their industry.