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Gareth Henry is an actuary who used his skills to help companies build wealth

Gareth Henry has extensive experience in the financial industries. His current focus is on the private credit sector, where he works as head of global investor relations for several firms. He is focusing primarily on making companies aware of the multitude of credit and financing vehicles available to them. He credits his skill in the field from his experience as an actuary, where the complicated math involved in those reports made it easier for him to transition to understanding investment math. He also has experience in the alternative asset industry, allowing him to raise substantial funds and raise awareness about the business options available in this field.

Gareth Henry is positioning himself to take advantage of the growth in the private credit sector. This industry has been growing for a number of reasons. One factor is the change in the regulations for banks starting in 2008 that made Banks lend less due to more stringent requirements. Another factor is that many companies have trouble figuring out the regulations and rules required to run a public company. Recent scandals and other troubling events have led to more costly management for public companies. Also, the quarterly reporting requirements force companies to pay more attention to quarterly games instead of a longer-term focus growth strategy. This is because a quarterly report that does worse than the analysts predict can have adverse effects for a company’s stock price that can be hard to recover from.

Gareth Henry has had a front-row seat in watching the movement of capital into private credit and equity deals. He believes the trend in direct deals and single asset investment from large institutions will only continue to grow.

Gareth Henry uses both his work ethic and his “math geek” skills, along with a personal touch that allows him to forge relationships with people. Along with these abilities he has accumulated contacts from pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and capital sources from a diverse array of areas. Through these sources, Gareth Henry is capable of structuring many different private credit schemes, the likes of which he makes available to his clients.

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