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Shervin Pishevar: Why Investors Should Be Concerned

When a venture capitalist and investor in one of the world’s most successful companies takes to Twitter and begins a 21-hour tweet storm on many major aspects of the world economy, people naturally pay attention to what is being said. This was the case recently with Shervin Pishevar, who made a name for himself in business circles as one of the primary investors in worldwide transportation company Uber. From discussing the correction he sees coming for the U.S. stock market to how Silicon Valley companies can regain their place at the top of the high-tech sector, Shervin Pishevar touched on these and many other important topics during his interesting tweet storm.

If you are an investor in the stock market, Shervin Pishevar believes it is time to heed his advice and prepare your portfolio for a major correction that is coming your way. Predicting a 6,000 point drop in the market over the next several months to a year, he instead urges those wanting to pull money out of stocks to look at precious metals such as gold. Predicting gold prices will continue to increase, he believes this will be the smartest move investors can make at the current time.

When discussing Silicon Valley, he also sees a time coming when these companies will be coming in second to those companies in China and other foreign powers. While he acknowledges Silicon Valley has had an amazing run of success, he also predicts these companies will wind up becoming too complacent in research, innovation, marketing, and other key areas, leading to their decline over the next decade.

And for those investors and others who wonder how Shervin Pishevar feels about virtual currencies, he touched on this subject as well over his 21 hours on Twitter. While he predicts a huge drop in the currency’s initial value to investors, maybe by as much as 5,000 points, he does think today’s economic climate lends itself to letting Bitcoin recover quite nicely. In fact, he believes investors will not only regain whatever losses they endure, but eventually turn a large profit in the end.