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Ted Bauman Uses His Internationally Gained Knowledge To Advise Americans

     For some people, traveling and living abroad is a fun thing, adventure as some may say. This is not the fact when it comes to Ted Bauman, he was born in Washington DC bit moved to South Africa where he pursued his university education. He graduated with a postgraduate degree in economics and history from the University of Cape Town. While in South Africa, Ted traveled widely in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

His interactions with people from over 75 countries have given Ted a broader perspective when it comes to money matters and housing as well. During his stay in South Africa, Ted worked in non-profit organizations which specialized in providing affordable houses in the country. Before returning to the USA in 2008, Bauman spent the other 2000s working as a consultant. During this time, he researched and wrote on different issues affecting urban planning, housing, and financial matters. He worked for about 25 years in South Africa. Some of his major clients were the United Nations, European grant-making agencies, and the South African government.

Upon his return to America in 2008, he secured a job serving as the Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. He was based in Atlanta Georgia. This role gave him a chance to travel to the Caribbean and the Latin America regions. While still serving as the director, Ted continued to write and research on matters related to international development. By the year 2013, Ted retired from the director post and started writing and researching full time. It is at the same time that he joined the Banyan Hill publishing. He has been serving as the Editor of Bauman letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B club. He specializes in giving people strategies that will be useful when it comes to investing at a lower risk.

Ted Bauman whom some people know as the son of the former congressman Robert Bauman is much more than an internationally recognized editor; he is also a family man who stays in Atlanta, Georgia with his family. Ted is also a co-author of the book titled ‘Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally)”. In this book co-authored with his father, the Bauman’s address issues treating to tax, debt management and safe investment options that some thought are only reserved for the few billionaires. Ted’s work has been published in many international journals and the South African Press for many years.