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Todd Levine Outstanding skills in Financial Litigation

Todd Levine is a prominent financial attorney. He is the founder of the prominent Klugger, Kaplan & Levine, P.L. He has vast experience in the field of law and deals with a wide range of sophisticated business disputes. He has handled commercial real estate litigation for a long time which has turned him to a representative of property managers, real estate sales agents/brokers, investors, buyers and sellers, and contractors. He also deals with much commercial real estate ventures and transactions. Todd Levine has also dealt with many cases that are closely related to investment partnership and finance arrangements. He has managed to handle this mainly because he been involved in handling disputes in both sports and entertainment.

Besides his successful career in law, Todd Levine is also a musician. He also loves and enjoys art and science. Being a musician who loves art and science, he makes use of his outstanding creativity and analytical skills that are meant to give a sure bet winning strategy to his clients. Todd Levine schooled at the University of Florida where he graduated in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. After he completed his undergraduate degree, he proceeded with his education and pursued law at the Florida Levin College of Law and completed in 1991.

Levine has made a significant impact in the field of law that has enabled him to win many awards. He became the winner of the Best Lawyer Award in Real Estate Litigation that was offered by United States News and World Report in 2018. He has also been recognized in Super Lawyers Business Review, the Daily Business Review, Florida Trend Magazine, and the South Florida Business Journal due to his tremendous achievements. Todd Levine is an outstanding attorney since he has great dedication towards his clients. He has diagnostic skills that have earned him tremendous success in this field.